Betsy DeVos — The Uneducation Secretary Pick Even Republicans Recoil From

Meet Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of education: Betsy DeVos

Qualifications: billionaire heiress, no experience with K-12 education, no experience with college financial aid or student loans. Christian fundamentalist. Long time busy trying to undermine public education through questionable school voucher programs.

As someone said, it’s like asking an Amish person to head NASA.

Additional Qualifications: Donated massive amounts of money to private schools and corrupt politicians (hence her nomination).

Oh, I see. Standard operation for Trump’s appointments.

Betsy DeVos is so… uhm… loathsome, even two Republican senators have turned against Betsy DeVos’ appointment. Imagine that! One of them told reporters: “I was trying to get to ‘yes’ and I couldn’t.”

The reason for having public schools and public education – besides making sure that all of us get off to a good start with basic skills like reading and writing and thus also enable a strong economy – is the very important task of ensuring an informed citizenry which can uphold a democracy. This arrangement gets warped and undermined by charter schools which misdirect public education funds into private corporate pockets and – in the case of religious schools – create a network of curriculum-censored Christian madrasas around the country, much like the Wahhabi madrasas in Muslim countries. Do we really want to become like the medieval-minded, terrorist-spawning lands we are worried about so much that Trump recently imposed a very ill-conceived travel ban upon anyone whose foot touched their soil?

Even if our Christian version of madrasas might not breed terrorists (let’s hope it won’t!) it sure will breed more Betsy DeVos’ — people, often of wealthy birth, who defy science and fact-based reality and want to return us all to medieval thinking. I shudder at the thought.

Is her selection any more palatable because she and her rich-born family donated some $200m to corrupt Republican politicians (corrupt not because of party affiliation, corrupt because they took the bribes)?

I say NO! What about you?



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