The Obvious Swamp

To some people, some things aren’t obvious.

For example, I find it quite amazing how die-hard Trump supporters manage to overlook obvious corruption and manage to view Trump’s cabinet and staffing picks as “great.” They celebrate the Goldman Sachs banksters he is appointing and the Secretary of State from ExxonMobil as people of experience who will get things done, who have a vision, or who – as non-politicians – will end the rule of the establishment. While these Trump supporters are justified to criticize his predecessor’s cabinets and actions, they are wrong in turning a blind eye to “their” guy.

Here is my response to their quaint notions:

So, you think the ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson will make a great Secretary of State? Really? It is precisely because of ExxonMobil & Co. that we went into Afghanistan and Iraq, and Syria and Somalia… Driving up fuel prices by destabilizing the region and getting first dibs on oil fields and pipelines makes them huge profits, and they don’t care how many people have to die for this. So, how exactly is it a good thing to put ExxonMobil’s CEO right on the throne of the State Department? Back when establishment politicians fed out of the hands of big corporate CEOs like Rex Tillerson, they sold out the rest of the country; but how is it better to cut out the middlemen and put the corporate gangsters in the seats of governmental power directly? Can someone explain that logic to me?

And what about Trump stuffing his cabinet with banksters just a few short years after the banking crisis from which many of us are still hurting? And not just any banksters but Goldman Sachs banksters (I think he is up to six by now, or perhaps even more)? It’s like a hostile takeover of our federal government by Goldman Sachs, an essentially criminal organization with an endless list of insider trading and speculation heists, not the least of which the big role it played in the 2008 subprime crisis which brought us the Great Recession which cost so many of us our jobs, our pensions, our homes, or even our careers, and which keeps depressing our salaries to this day. Were you unaffected? Maybe you and I can switch lives?

I am one of those who was essentially relieved to get Trump instead of Shillary — for two reasons: (A) I knew Clinton would be bad, a continuation of the same corporatist gravy train politics as before. She and her husband didn’t acquire over a hundred million dollars of wealth in their public “service” lives because the money just fell from the sky and landed in their laps. Agreed? (B) While I expected plenty of corruption from Trump, as well, I could hope he would be less practiced and slick about it, thus creating more controversy than HRC would have. So far, he hasn’t disappointed me. I believe this is something we need, since yet more of us Americans must wake up to the reality of the corrupt, corporate oligarchy ruling and ruining us. Only when enough of us are awake can we force change.

Take note of this Trump supporters who celebrate his cabinet: I have been part of the let’s-wait-a-bit-and-give-him-a-chance-to-show-his-true-colors-crowd, and partly still am; but his cabinet and staffing picks have been quite abysmal already. I see little need to hold off on judging them at this point. They are simply awful. The way he also tries to rush them through by first delaying their appointments for two months and then insisting on instant approvals without background checks on corruption is likewise problematic. Even staunch Trump supporters, in a brief moment of honesty with themselves, ought to be able to see that.

Both Trump supporters and those who oppose Trump should come to realize that we have had a long string of awful presidents harming us and our country, no matter if they were from the “right” or the ““left””, and it is up to us to watch what they are doing and call them on it when what they are doing is wrong. The quicker, the better. The worst thing is for us to look the other way (or even celebrate wrongdoings) whenever “our” guys do bad things and only call out the “other’s” guys’ wrongdoings. This partisan behavior perpetuates the “good cop/bad cop” routine with which the oligarchy holds us enthralled.

I am not a great fan of the current Resist Trump hysteria and demonstrations hype. We should indeed resist our oppressors, but they aren’t only Trump and his associates. In the same vein, I am not a fan of Trump’s baiting behavior, either, which may well be intended to invite resistance fatigue, and in other cases is likely designed to create scandals to shame his opponents – at least in the eyes of “his” team – (maybe after he pays some provocateurs to make a scene).

We, the people, must free ourselves from this our-team/their-team narrative with which the oligarchy has divided and conquered us. And we need to save our energy and vacation days to fight the most fundamental problems of our rigged system when the opportunity arrives. Trump isn’t the cause of our rigged system. He is a product and symptom of it. We must go deeper, much deeper! Otherwise we will just fight to get a Trump or Pence successor in the shape of another Hillary, or Obama, or Bill, in other words: a Donald Trump in a different party’s sheep’s clothing — and after that yet another Bush or Reagan in their party’s sheep’s clothing. They have all been crooks, regardless of their party! We must break this chain or continue to decline as a country, as a people, as an economy, and as what little is left of our founders’ bold attempt at having a democratic system of government. Our founders had good reason to worry about the ascent of political parties. The GOP and “Democratic” Party are both handmaidens of the robber billionaires and their banks and corporations, essentially forming a single corporate party serving us the same dish over and over, sometimes hot, sometimes cold, but one and the same nonetheless.

We need to keep a close watch on all our government folks, regardless of party affiliation, and kick them in the shin whenever they go seriously wrong on the issues which heavily affect our lives and our country’s future. To do so effectively, we need to come together on the main issues (economy, democracy, anti-corruption, and election integrity especially, but also infrastructure, education, and health care, I’d say) and stop letting us being played by this party-politics charade. The left-right struggle is fake. The real struggle is top-bottom. How high up on our dunghill do you find yourself?

In conclusion, none among us who are not kings and queens of the dunghill should pretend that Trump has assembled a cabinet that isn’t teeming with corporate interests. Some have dubbed Trump’s cabinet the Three G’s: “Goldman, Generals, and Gazillionaires”

In answer to the celebrants of Trump’s cabinet, I say: Yes, The Donald is picking guys who can get things done: they are very experienced in getting corrupt looting done. Yes, they have vision: uncle Scrooge’s vision of bathing in gold. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and stops at nothing for money, guess what you have? Correct: Scrooge McDuck.

No, Trump is not draining the swamp. Of course not! Silly for anyone to have thought he would. Why would a swamp creature do that? No surprise here. Still, before you go and celebrate some form of “liberal” or Trump-opposer’s moral superiority think on this: Obama’s and G.W.-Cheney’s appointments were no better, just a tad bit less obvious. It’s the oligarchs against the people, and it has been this way for a long time. We have to wake up, stop falling for beautiful campaign lies, stop falling for the propaganda in the corporate mainstream media, stop letting us be divided across party lines, and start fighting for a real democracy and a country that isn’t rigged against its own people. Otherwise we’ll all end up in squalor and misery, those of us who aren’t already there. Pretty obvious, I’d say.


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4 thoughts on “The Obvious Swamp

  1. Thanks! Now we just have to figure out how to spread the sanity over the din of the hysteria so people can come together to fix our rigged system (or “drain the swamp”) instead of continuing to be divided by the false narrative, hype, and stoked hysteria with which the oligarchs control us.


  2. This article betrays the conundrum of the “obvious” in its very first sentence: “To some people, some things aren’t obvious.” The very people who can’t grasp what is obvious to you are saying exactly the same thing to you. I understand that the piece is somewhat dated in terms of the reign of Der Gröpenfüehrer, but it is still timely in terms of the impasse that exists between the alt-right and those of us who agree–correctly–about what is obvious. Getting rid of The Donald is going to be the easy part; the real challenge is going to be re-educating, reforming, and re-absorbing the alt-right into the mainstream of American society. When it is no longer fashionable or condoned to engage in hate speech and violations of the civil rights of others, as modeled by the leader (…I use the term loosely) of the free world, and when our militaristic, testosterone-driven, nazi police agencies “protect and serve” as they were intended to do instead of looking the other way, we will put a smile back on the face of Lady Liberty. MAKE AMERICA AMERICA AGAIN! We will…


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