Half Of Us Just Scraping By

Most of us realize we have a nasty income and wealth inequality in America; and therefore – for many of us – life isn’t as good anymore as it was a few decades ago. But that’s not all.

Do you actually have an idea how gigantic our inequality is?

The below freely shareable video explains it very well:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Immigrant America: The High Cost of Deporting Parents”)

Below follows a list of some delusion-shattering facts covered in this video — and some hard questions.

Some facts and numbers:

  1. The top 1% have 40% of America’s wealth.
  2. The bottom 80% have only 7% of America’s wealth.
  3. Half of us can’t afford savings. We are just scraping by.
  4. The top 1% today rake in 24% of the nation’s income. In 1976, it was 9%. Their income gouging has tripled since then. And this trend of growing income inequality continues!
  5. What the 1% get in excess, the rest of us get less! It has to come from somewhere. You get that?
  6. The average CEO “earns” – sorry, I meant to say takes – 380 times as much as his average (not least paid, but average!) worker earns (after the CEO and company owners have skimmed off their healthy share from his paycheck).

I have a question for our CEOs and robber billionaires: How rich do you really need to be?

Oh, and how much do the rest of us have to suffer for that?

And for the rest of us: If you doubt the case made in this video (and don’t want to bother with a little research), ask yourself how come that, for many of us, our parents were better off than we are, only one of them having to go to work, for example? And this when the U.S. is more productive today than ever! Where is all that prosperity going? Certainly not into my pockets. How about yours?


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2 thoughts on “Half Of Us Just Scraping By

  1. And the repugs want us to pay into retirement accounts and health savings accounts. First, people need to get paid enough to do those things.


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