A Non-Trivial Saturday Morning Cartoon for You

Courtesy of this blog (by alerting you) and its maker(s), of course, here is an animated Saturday morning cartoon worth watching. I only wonder why the maker(s) of this video left out the vilification and scapegoating of immigrants.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “An Animated Video Explains Economic Inequality”)


We once had a system of taxes and economic mechanisms which served previous generations quite well — until the robber billionaires and their political minions pulled off a heist on taxes, politics, globalism, and the media. All for them and naught for us.

It’s an important reminder that the kinds of changes promoted by rare champions like Bernie Sanders are not socialist pipe dreams. Most of these “dreams” were our country’s reality not long ago. The rest are advances made in our prosperous peer countries in the meantime. So, what’s keeping us from having all these nice things?

Not uniting to make them happen, that’s what.

The thematically related videos I posted about in the last two days are also worth viewing. Here are the posts if you missed them:

  1. You’re Socialist and You Don’t Even Know It
  2. Half Of Us Just Scraping By



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