Thought of the Day: A Common Goal – Universal Prosperity

Most Americans (and many others around the world) are sick and tired of an economy which keeps them struggling and sinking ever lower. When we talk about it, various components of it come up: jobs lost to global outsourcing and technological displacement; stagnating or declining wages; lack of job security; an almost non-existing social safety net; unaffordable and ever rising costs of healthcare, education, and housing; neocon and neoliberal business deregulation and repeal of social reform; etc.; etc. It is difficult to unite under so many problem topics or their various potential solutions. So, I squeezed a small bit of time out of what little is left at the end of my daily pointless drudgery (my day job treadmill) and thought up a single term which may express our shared wish:

Universal Prosperity.

This might well sum up our common goal. … Now… Naturally… on our painfully overpopulated planet where our seven billion and counting fellow human beings make it practically impossible to be original, it would be a miracle if this term hadn’t been used before. So, I googled it and… you can imagine the rest.  (Actually, some sources may be centuries old. I may have excavated an old term, indeed.)

Anyway, I don’t recall hearing or reading this term in our contemporary progressive political speeches and writings. I think it might make for a good buzz word to adopt, even if others may more recently have used it for much smaller visions than the one we currently need to build up.

So, in the words of Star Trek’s Vulcans, I conclude by telling you: Live long and prosper! 🙂


As always, please comment below. Your comments make a difference.






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