Thought of the Day: Our Unconstitutional Presidents

There is much hullabaloo about constitutional violations of our newest U.S. president, Trump. Those who are constantly calling for resistance against him overlook that, at least since the G.W.-Cheney regime, all “our” presidents have been violating the U.S. constitution which they were sworn to uphold. The only thing worse is partisan citizens celebrating “their” guy from “their” party for these violations or else looking the other way. This goes for supporters of both gangs… pardon me… “political parties.”

We should hold our presidents and other representatives accountable to us and our constitution, no matter which group of ours they pretend to lean to.

Whenever we succumb to blind loyalty and thereby allow ourselves to be divided against each other, the robber billionaires and their presidents, legislators, and judges screw us out of our lives. They are our true enemies, not Russia, not a single puppet president, but rather the big money wielders behind the scenes who pull all the strings.

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4 thoughts on “Thought of the Day: Our Unconstitutional Presidents

  1. This article is the truth. When Obama was in office, the last year especially, he trampled on our rights and freedoms. He signed away the right to habeas Corpus, the cnesoring of our news and Internet, the Dark Act, He tried to pass the TPP (a corporate give-away of our country) and the list goes on. It is scary. Not hardly a word. Trump goes in and it is a mass protest of what? It was an embarrassment. I say protest wisely when we need to and not just against a person. We need to be informed and unite if we are to keep our our rights and freedom.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Rosalee, and specifically for adding some of Obama’s trespasses that I left out. I am glad we agree that we must focus on the issues, not a person. Now we just need to convince everyone else. Good to have some small, easy task ahead… 😉


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