The Establishment’s False Narratives – Fresh Again This Week

Since the last election cycle, the establishment’s manipulation efforts have been in overdrive. I hope you manage to resist their brainwashing. A brief review:

  1. First the establishment denied the American people one of history’s most popular presidential nominees (Bernie Sanders) in favor of one of history’s most UNPOPULAR candidates (Hillary Clinton) using superdelegates, voter suppression, ballot spoilage, vote miscounts, media-blackout, and corporate media propaganda.
  2. Then they tried to bully Bernie supporters into voting for Clinton, fearmongering about Trump and accusing them of party disloyalty (although many of his supporters were independents and others that part of the “Democratic” base which the “Democratic” party has stiffed with impunity for the last three and a half decades).
  3. Then they tried to distract us from Shillary’s and the DNC’s latest scandals and wrestle us onto their side by raising the specter of Russia (of all countries) standing behind Trump and Wikileaks’ revelations.
  4. Then they gaslighted us over Trump’s victory – when in fact it was THEY who had sabotaged the candidate (Bernie Sanders) who would have handily defeated Trump – thus trying to guilt-trip us back onto their side.
  5. Then they organized a grand anti-Trump-hysteria and Resist-Trump protests and an accompanying media storm to divert us from our fight against the establishment (and the outrageous economic and political inequality it torments us with) and instead get us to hop on their band wagon and thus return into the “Democratic” Party’s fold with its neoliberal con job. Sadly, this tactic seems to have been working with some folks.
  6. Then, this week, to try and make it work even better, they dug up that oh-Russia-our-adversary-who-is-friends-with-Trump meme again, as if Russia were our adversary or it really mattered where the plutocrats reside who destroy our lives.

So, I’d like to ask you: Do you really think that a certain eastern portion of the Eurasian continent known as Russia is your adversary and mine. Which is it specifically? The Siberian tundra, Lake Baikal, or the Ural Mountains which deny you and me decent wages, affordable healthcare, or the free education which even countries like Turkey provide their citizens by taxing not only workers but also the rich? Is it the Crimean Peninsula or the Caspian Sea which installed black box voting in our country or the Volga River which does the gerrymandering of our voting districts or was the Taiga behind Citizen United? Get real please! Do you think that the citizens of Russia, who are struggling for their survival same as you and me, bear us ill will and somehow manipulate our elections? Do you really think Vladimir Putin is obsessed with our politics, half a world away? Probably he obsesses about it as much as we do about Russian politics, which – most of the time (this week’s media hype not withstanding) – isn’t much.

Reality check: Trump isn’t the disease which has been ravaging us since about 1978, he is a symptom. And, throughout history, Russia has meddled with the U.S. a hundredth time as much as the U.S. with Russia.

So, in conclusion, all I can say to you is, let’s please focus our attention on our real adversaries: the robber billionaires; their multi-national corporations, oil companies, banks, and insurance companies; those same corporations’ predatory get-rich-quick CEOs, and their army of lobbyists and beholden politicians. And PLEASE don’t accuse people who try to open your eyes of being Trump or Hillary supporters. We are neither! Those two nominees were a false choice imposed by the establishment. Let us tell you about it, because we need to fight the establishment together!

Please comment. Your comments make a difference.


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