Russia or the Establishment? — Who’s Our True Enemy?


So, the manipulators for the oligarchy keep trying to get us to exhaust our energies over getting Trump impeached. And what then? Corporatist white supremacist Mike Pence? Another Shillary Clinton? Would that really help us making ends meet? Would we thereby no longer have to work longer hours for less pay? Would our corporate funded-politicians start listening to us and our needs again? Would our elections magically stop to be rigged against us, not even allowing us candidates we approve of?

I really don’t think any Russian involvement – whether real or not – is a big deal compared to the massive domestic election theft practices, our oligarchy’s ownership of our politicians, and the squeezing of working people by the top 1-10%. As long as we have money ruling our politics we will be sold down the river. Some slime balls will always step up to do the job. It matters rather little where the thugs who take away our sacred right to self-governance live or come from (and corporations are multinational, anyway). When a street gang robs you at gunpoint, is your main concern where one of the muggers originated? I hardly think so! Why do I (and so few others, apparently) even have to explain this to anybody (so many anybodies even)? Ugh! Please, folks, let’s be smarter than this! Let’s resist our true adversary: the establishment!

So, I wrote about this odious hype and our need to resist again: Trump, Russia, and the Establishment’s “Left” Trap



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