Our Shared Hardships

In an article worth reading, its author, James Altucher, wrote:

From the moment our feet finally leave the inside of our mother’s womb, until the day we die, life is a battle. Respect everyone’s battles. Respect that everyone has it [as] hard, or harder, than you do.

Let me explain why this is noteworthy: 

I think this quote is quite true, even though I must admit that – as a member of the precariat – and often downright poor – I have spent a lot of time driving past mansions and affluent neighborhoods thinking I’d like to swap these people’s “troubles” against mine, since rich people’s hardships (except for bad health, decrepitude, and mortality, of course) are mostly self-made — unlike my financial hardships over which I have no control as they are created by a dungheap society which I by myself cannot clean up.

The quoted article with the title “How To Get People To Like You In 5 Seconds or Less” makes for good reading in its entirety, despite not being political, because if we are ever going to repair our sick society of outrageous political corruption, income and wealth inequality, for-profit-healthcare, and so on, we need to unite in large numbers, instead of screaming and yelling at each other in that artificial “right”-“left” (or “conservative”-“liberal”) divide which our masters have created to keep us under their control.

Just take a look at the current Trump hysteria: on the “left” people are urged to push for Trump’s removal, and on the “right” they are pushed to stand by Trump no matter what he does. In the end, Trump will be replaced one way or another (after two terms, at the latest) and one camp will celebrate, the other will fume. Then we get another deceitful president who sells us out to the oligarchy just like Trump and Obama and G.W.-Cheney and Bill Clinton and Daddy Bush and Reagan (and others) before him or her (and just as Hillary would have done). And we’ll just keep barking at each other like well trained dogs, blaming each other instead of placing the blame for the oligarchy’s atrocities against us where it belongs and doing something about it.

Uniting to get money out of politics and bring about a fair economy and good healthcare and education for all, requires being able to break the ice and ire that divide us and cross the divide to meet our fellow Americans as human beings who recognize in one another our common cause, then join forces to fight for it: the long promised but withheld dream of an America of liberty and justice for all.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. Your participation makes a difference.


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