People Who Share the Same Main Goals are Not Enemies

Recently, I reminded everybody I could reach (I wish there were more) that letting ourselves be divided or misdirected over a Trump hysteria only serves the establishment. Today I am posting a quick reminder that different strategies and constructive criticism of different strategies don’t make those who pursue the same goals for the betterment of our society into each other’s enemies, either. Therefore, none among us should work ourselves up into a rage where we denounce our allies as enemies, something sadly happening right now.

The below video makes the same point. It’s rather long, and I probably disagree with its author on various issues not expressed in this video (I haven’t seen another video by him, but he makes hints which suggest that I would); however, he showcases several vloggers and the silliness of a current row among and about them. Therefore, you may find it worth watching.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Is Justice Democrats Making Enemies Out Of Potential Allies?”)

My quick analysis:

Kyle Kulinski, one of the originators of The Justice Democrats, has taken to declaring people who share his goals enemies when they aren’t sure about his tactics.

The person he especially seems to target is Debbie Lusignan (AKA The Sane Progressive) for pointing out that election theft could completely neutralize The Justice Democrats’ efforts which aim at taking over the “Democratic” Party through supporting honest candidates against corporatist incumbents. She points at massive evidence of election theft which denied Bernie Sanders the nomination for presidential candidate last year (and thus the presidency). I have myself created a page with collected evidence for you to peruse. Her videos on the subject have tended to be a bit lacking in an alternative vision, which is why they were a bit on the defeatist side and thus probably more easily attracting hostility.

Kyle’s initial response was that current election rigging may make kicking corporatists out of office hard but not impossible, because Bernie Sanders is a sitting senator, after all. But then he has gone as far as to declare “defeatists” enemies of his movement and demanded they get out of the way. This is sadly reminiscent of the DNC and many hillbots last year. Ouch! Besides, while Bernie’s place in the Senate is a good argument for Kyle’s stance, the fact that he is a rare exception so far and that he was kept from the presidency utilizing massive election rigging among other things, does still lend support for Debbie’s view.

Debbie has suggested that all who try the Justice Democrats approach vow to litigate when they become victims of election theft. A good idea, if you ask me. Maybe difficult, but an effort like this must protect itself against election rigging.

Personally, I have long respected both Kyle and Debbie for the many astute observations and good ideas in their videos. I also think that they both make valid points. We do have massive election rigging in our country and MUST put a stop to it. And, yes, occasionally good candidates still manage to overcome the election rigging as long as it hasn’t yet become completely perfected. But should we wait and do nothing until it has been perfected? No. We clearly must do both: put the strongest pressure we can on dismantling the establishment at all levels of political representation AND clean up our elections. We also need to prosecute political corruption, intimidate corporatists, and define a common platform of political goals shared by the majority of the people as an alternative to the divisive platforms the establishment imposes to control the people. Meanwhile the use of multiple strategies may have both advantages and disadvantages but is simply unavoidable. So, let’s not bash each other over them but rather do our best to make them all work and coordinate them as best as possible. As Sanders always told us and demonstrated: focus on the issues!


3 thoughts on “People Who Share the Same Main Goals are Not Enemies

  1. True indeed. If we can’t agree to push back against the alt-right tsunami together as a unified progressive force, we will not prevail. Progressives must work together, that’s one of the main qualities that makes us progressive, being sane enough to agree on issues of order and decency.


    1. Exactly. We are the ones who realize that “rugged individualism” or I’m-doing-fine-so-who-cares-about-you isn’t good enough when most people born into our country face terrible obstacles against living a good life, many of which erected by a self-serving and callous oligarchy. I only would add, though, that we must be careful not to let ourselves be retargeted against another suffering portion of the people who are less smart and thus vulnerable to demagoguery. Most members of the alt-right are brainwashed victims themselves. The real enemy is the establishment which does all the rigging and brainwashing. We must never lose sight of that. A good deal of Trump voters were not from the alt-right, anyway. Many voted for Obama once or even twice. They want change above all. As do we. It only turns out that, if we want real change as opposed to false promises, we must engineer it ourselves. It won’t come from above. That’s my 2 cents on this, at any rate. 😉


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