Establishment Democrats Suppressing Bernie Sanders Again

by Cindy A. Matthews

The establishment party (parties, if you insist) isn’t going to take a threat to their control of our electoral system lying down. Already the Democrats are taking actions similar to ones they implemented during the primaries last spring. Bernie Sanders was to speak at a town hall meeting in McDowell County, the poorest county in one of the poorest states, West Virginia, on February 13. It was to be televised and hosted by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, but at the very last minute, the National Guard Armory hall where it was to take place was “unavailable.” West Virginia’s Democratic governor more than likely was told to cancel the event by the Democratic National Committee to keep Bernie off the air. But why?

The televised town hall meeting Bernie led in Wisconsin (also broadcast by MSNBC) received phenomenal ratings. You Tube clips of the Wisconsin town hall have received hits in the millions. The CNN Health Care Debate between Senators Sanders and Cruz got good ratings too. Establishment Democrats (those who take corporate money) can’t risk looking “less progressive” to the public they’re trying to fool. They are cracking down on what they feel makes them look bad by comparison–Bernie speaking to and about the poor. “Corporate Dems” shut down this necessary discussion about poverty in America at the expense of millions of suffering Americans who could be helped by implementing Sanders’ proposed policies.

Bernie said in a statement: “If anyone in West Virginia government thinks that I will be intimidated from going to McDowell County, West Virginia, to hold a town meeting, they are dead wrong… Poverty in America will be discussed. Solutions will be found.”

The desire to keep “big money” in politics is the establishment’s motivating factor to discredit Bernie Sanders yet again. However, this time it might not work. The mainstream media has given more air time to Bernie recently–much more than it did in all of the campaign of 2015-2016–and anxious Americans are looking online for answers to their problems. They’re finding the answers in the words of Bernie Sanders.

The establishment may think they can succeed in silencing one dynamic man, but in the end, they can’t silence his ideas. Bernie Sanders’ political revolution will live forever. He’ll always be fighting for the people.

And once we people gather ourselves, unite, rise, and fight for ourselves, how will they silence us?

Cindy A. Matthews is a freelance writer, novelist and editor of Our Revolution Continues blog.

2 thoughts on “Establishment Democrats Suppressing Bernie Sanders Again

    1. Well, except perhaps for those who still feel betrayed by him for having capitulated to and endorsed creepy, corporate Shillary. I can only hope they grow up enough to rejoin those who fight for a fair and prosperous America even when the going gets tough, not just for savior personalities.


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