Visit The People’s Platform (USA)

I want to briefly introduce you to a place where you can help hammer out a joint political platform for the American people if such is possible.

The Problem: The “us against them” politics which is currently grouping us into mutually hostile camps like back in 1930s Germany (which ultimately resulted in the power grab of the Nazis, World War II, and the Holocaust) only serves our oligarchs and endangers us in many ways. We need to move away from “left” versus “right” and “socially inclusive” versus “socially selfish” to “all of us against the establishment.”

The Solution: I believe, we – the people – must shape a narrative and language which allows us to become unanimous in actions and words when it comes to our shared national hopes and worries. By doing this, we can improve our understanding of power in this country and define our most pressing goals. With this task achieved, we can then act across party lines to fight economic and political inequality and thus repair the shaky lives so many of us live and the lack of political representation which has been making us helpless.

If we don’t do this, America will become a third-world nation consisting of nothing but a few robber billionaires and a lot of shanty towns. We are already dangerously close and must act. We must turn our current crony capitalism into a healthy economy which works for everybody. And to enable ourselves to do this, we must clean money out of politics and turn our sham democracy into a real one, an inclusive democracy which has all voices being heard and addresses all problems.

Therefore, I am hoping for a discussion to hammer out a list of political priorities which can unite rather than divide the American People, a distillation of the wishes of the majority. For this purpose, we now have a new Facebook Group called “The People’s Platform (USA).”

The invitation of this Facebook Group goes to people from all walks of life and all party affiliations, so that diverse concerns can be voiced and the unifying major issues can crystallize from the discourse.

The main idea is to separate unifying priorities from divisive secondary issues which, since they tend to divide us, hamper progress. These divisive secondary issues are furthermore easier to address once our political process has become more democratic and our most pressing existential issues have been dealt with, reducing our existential fears and sectarian rage which cloud our minds and the political shenanigans which currently deny us true representation.

Personally, I believe that the most important goals must be to (A) get money out of politics and modernize our electoral system to make it far more representative and inclusive than it currently is, and (B) to quickly deal with life-ruining and life-threatening issues (the economy, the situation of the unemployed or underemployed, and healthcare access) which otherwise keep us from the political work we must do. A short list of the most universally shared issues might help all of us, no matter what party – if any – we run with, to better reach out to others and get our points across as we can front-load our conversations with these issues, breaking the ice, and get into a real conversation.

But that is my thinking. Your ideas and opinions are asked for.

Some time ago, I wrote along these lines on my APC page. You can visit it to maybe stimulate your inspiration.

Here is the link to the pinned post on The People’s Platform (USA) which is intended for us working together on the proper wording and completion of a list of priorities. It has a short list part called “UNIVERSAL PRIORITY GOALS”, which tries to capture only the major headings, and a long list part called “PROMISING METHODS” which handles details (such as minimum and maximum wage, for instance) as adjustable strategies for achieving the less flexible main goals.


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