How Real are the Differences touted by our Twin Party Tyranny?

It’s a reality of life: people have differences. However, I find that the differences which divide us politically are essentially artificially overblown natural differences (like race, ethnic, or sexual differences) which the establishment hypes up and uses to manipulate us from above. The Republican and “Democratic” Party and their echo chambers in the corporate media are very good at dividing and manipulating us with these. They group us into opposing camps and train us to bark and snarl at each other, rather than join forces and resolve the concerns we all share.

Our biggest natural concerns are not superficial ones like skin color, but existential issues like food, shelter (maybe even a home!), safety, health, liberty, and prosperity (or its opposite: poverty-ever-growing). On these concerns we can all agree. Who among us doesn’t wish for a healthy economy which works for all of us instead of only a few percent at the top, for instance? To feel like it was worth having been born into this world, we all want to engage in the pursuit of happiness talked about by our country’s founders and blocked for so many of us by today’s lopsided economy which has us struggle for mere survival all our lives. Try to pursue your happiness, wherever it may lie – in helping the elderly, raising a family, making beautiful music, advancing scientific research to fight decrepitude from aging, or inventing a better mousetrap – try to pursue that happiness when you need but can’t get medical care or when you have to fear ending up homeless after you fall into unemployment!

So while we argue over the artificially inflated minor issues with which the oligarchs play us against each other, they quietly take our country away from us. They have been doing this for decades, and all around us we can see the disastrous results. What I propose is that we unite behind our shared concerns and restore our government as an organizing body which works for us — by which I mean a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Once that’s done, we can then figure out the divisive lesser issues in the fairest way possible without paid demagogues muddying the waters any longer.

Hence the new Facebook Group The People’s Platform (USA) intended to answer that simple question together: what are the goals we all stand behind and should together demand from our politicians regardless of party affiliation? Hence also the brand new effort (Draft Bernie[1][2]) to create a new party, a true people’s party, from independent voters who are not traditionally tied to the major parties, and from the millions who used to think the they had representation but have now left the “Democratic” Party after its betrayal of Bernie Sanders and his 13 million counted supporters and the many more supporters who were never counted. (Remember, many people were not even permitted to vote for him in all those closed primaries and many others were suppressed through registration flipping and purges or their votes thrown out through ballot spoilage or blatant miscounts. This page can tell you more.)

In short, together we can build a great country and world for all of us. Divided we will always be each others greatest obstacles and perpetuate an ever worsening economic and political system that works against us rather than for us.

As always, your comments are most welcome and help to make a difference. You can leave them below, even anonymously. You may also sign up for email notification in the sidebar.


2 thoughts on “How Real are the Differences touted by our Twin Party Tyranny?

  1. The Establishment Party (of both “flavors” as I say) really loves to use the divide and conquer tactics. They love to distract us with “shiny things” for us to argue about and squabble over. We’ve got to resist falling for their manipulations! The people united will never be divided!


  2. Thank you for commenting, Cindy. My own experience with humanity sadly tells me that dividing society is in human nature. Children are primarily egotistical, and when the society which surrounds them encourages this solipsism, rather than love of others and a community spirit, the way our current capitalism-born, materialistic, consumerist me-culture does, then people like those at the top of our society never mature from this primal state. In essence, we are ruled by naughty, spoiled children in adult bodies. No wonder, some of them worry how to raise their own children. (they should pay me to help them 😉 )


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