A Great Discussion (March 7, 2017)

The below video clip is a great discussion to watch. If all of us who are being screwed by our private-greed-system of economy and politics which makes today’s human society so very unhuman (and inhumane) – a society where a tiny few get almost everything, the rest of us having to struggle and run in proverbial treadmills all our lives, and human needs and values falling by the wayside all the time – if all of us would have such discussions, then we would be so much closer to solving all our big problems and make this into a wonderful world.

It’s simply a fact that we first must know what we want, and then how to get it, in order to get it. Jimmy Dore and Sam Ronan, both of them wakeful Americans who haven’t been spending their whole lives watching spectator sports or American Idol, or drinking the Establishment Party’s Kool-Aid (the Establishment Party, in case you don’t know, being that corrupt, corporation-serving monstrosity with two arms, one called the GOP, the other the “Democratic” Party). Maybe Jimmy Dore and Sam Ronan also didn’t have to work two or three jobs to keep above water, like some of us do, literally robbing all time to seek information. At any rate, they had the interest and time to inform themselves about our world and its flaws, and when they got together they had an intelligent discussion touching on many issues that concern us all. If you haven’t watched this, yet, I recommend that you do (and that you recommend it to all your friends and family – at least those who are open enough for smart thoughts to get through their skulls):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Progressive Sam Ronan Drops Truth Bombs On Democrats Corruption”)

Of course, what these two talked about is also some of what I keep writing about. So, you may want to sign up for email notification from this blog (you can do this right here on this page in the sidebar), and/or comment regularly here. Or, if you prefer, you may join the discussion on The People’s Platform. 😉



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