Meet One of Our Lovely Extortionist Plutocrats

It’s not a million things going wrong in our economy, it’s only one – and it’s a pretty basic one. A small handful of people are hoarding all the resources and money for themselves. If we can prevent them from behaving so selfishly with our resources and redistribute their unimaginably large stashes of wealth (primarily in non-taxable offshore accounts) back into our economy, things would improve immeasurably…

The above quote is from the weekly blog “Our Revolution Continues” (formerly “The Bernie Blog”) which this week covers the Follow the Money theme exposing some of our plutocrats such as Jeff Aronin, CEO of Marathon Pharmaceuticals, who enriches himself by literally extorting parents holding their children’s lives hostage, cheaply acquiring older drugs and then drastically raising their prices (90-fold in this case). At least he tried to in his most recent stunt. Bernie Sanders called him out.

Of course, Mr. Aronin is fully justified to do this kind of thing. I mean, who could blame him for needing a $11 million mansion? That’s so much more important than anything else, such as the lives of ordinary Americans’ children, the children of the unwashed masses who, unlike our plutocrats, don’t deserve to live in this world they had the audacity to be born in…

If you wonder what such beings at the top of our wonderful society look like, you can see a picture of the self-satisfied extortionist here. How good for him that he isn’t plagued by a conscience.

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2 thoughts on “Meet One of Our Lovely Extortionist Plutocrats

  1. Aronin and others like him make me sick. They enjoy making millions upon millions off the suffering of others. Hanging is too good for these morally depraved creatures. It’s time for single payer health care for all Americans and the end of this industry that exists only to deprive others of healing.


  2. Indeed. They make us sick not only figuratively, but literally. The healthcare privateers don’t exist so much to deprive us of healing, though, as to make us PAY for healing and THEN deprive us, like any proper merchants: collect as much money for as little product or service as possible. Hardly the right business model for public health — or public anything.


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