Our Lovely Plutocrats: Marissa Mayer

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to sing the praise of Jeff Aronin, the lovely plutocrat who has made his obscene wealth by holding people’s lives hostage (especially their children’s lives – a true lover of kids, apparently).

Today, per chance, another lovely plutocrat’s name floated my way. She isn’t one of those who makes her money by literally killing people or ruining their physical health (at least not directly). In fact, she’s almost an angel compared to the likes of Mr. Aronin, but I nevertheless recognized the name when it came drifting by — because she made me so furious several years ago that it apparently stuck around in my passive memory as that of a person who has diminished the quality of my life and that of thousands – if not millions – of other upstanding people who merely want to get through their lives unmolested. She has made both my working and personal lives harder to live.

The name’s Marissa Mayer. Back when she left Google to become Yahoo!’s new CEO in 2012, I wondered if Google had sent her as a mole to destroy one of its competitor’s from within, because one of the first things she did was to broadside my email capacity by turning the world’s best free online email portal (of which I had actually once been a paying customer) into one of the worst. There was a huge uproar among the service’s users, but as our oligarchs are wont to do, she arrogantly ignored it. After all, we who are not rich, are just unwashed masses beneath contempt for the plutocrats, even when we’re their customers (be that by paying fees as I once had or by tolerating the barrage of paid advertisement).

In 2013, Mayer instituted a performance review system based on a bell curve ranking of employees, suggesting that managers rank Yahoo! employees on a bell curve and fire those at the low end.[1][2]. I wonder just how many people lost their jobs in that witch hunt.

Well, as it turns out, her mission is now accomplished. She has, according to one source, made a handsome $300 million in just 5 years for running the company into the ground. But that’s not all. Being the CEO type of plutocrat, she can actually get fired for her poor performance. And, as is usual in these cases, she gets “punished” with a separation package — in her case: $23 million!

I recall having read somewhere that by buying government bonds for a mere $5 million one receives an annual six figure income, even in today’s low interest times, and later gets the whole $5 million back. No investor’s risk whatsoever. Imagine doing this with $23 million!

Yes, that’s right. Banksters ruin our economy and retire with a big bonus. CEOs ruin companies and leave with a bonus so big that any ordinary person like you and me would be able to instantly retire as a rich-for-life person, able to spend the rest of our lives doing the things we want as opposed to the crap we must do to survive. Like writing in my case… (no, that’s not the crap I must do, but the thing I want to do but must steal sleep time from myself so I can do it!)

Oh, to commit the crimes and misdeeds of CEOs and be thanked with financial independence for life from a separation bonus so huge it makes any prior salary completely unnecessary. Why, oh why, was I cursed with a conscience…?

And we are to believe that our capitalist system is a meritocracy…

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