Insurance, Ethics, and a Swamp Creature (with Video)

There’s a good video getting insurance straight and outing one of our most reprehensible politicians (as he plays a wise teacher to sell his hypocrisy):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “AWKWARD: Paul Ryan Doesn’t Understand How Insurance Even Works”)

Now follows my angry rant with a bleeped word in it, because I just couldn’t contain myself in the face of someone so disgusting and utterly unworthy to live within the human covenant, leave alone living the rich life at our expense:

Rich people can pay any fee for any service. Poor people can’t. That’s why insurance was invented, so we all (all of us who aren’t rich) can sleep easy at night, not having to worry so much about ourselves and our loved ones being the unlucky ones who suffer the most brutal catastrophes in life without any help from fellow human beings, who can help us and are willing to help, if it’s made affordable to them and us.

That’s what insurance is.

And this rich p*g, Paul Ryan, doesn’t like insurance, because he doesn’t think people should ever help one another, because – heaven forbid – he might ever be required to make a 5 cent phone call for an ambulance if he comes across a man, woman, or child bleeding to death in the street. I can sense his thoughts: Nawww, don’t expect me to spend any of my ill-gotten money to help someone else. All other human beings, including fellow Americans, deserve to suffer and die in the worst way. Only I count in this world.

And we have monsters like that in Congress to represent us?!? A quick search on the Internet reveals that Paul Ryan was born in well-to-do circumstances but not super-rich. His entire focus has been on becoming as rich as possible through cozying up with the super-rich and through abuse of public office, with an emphasis on raiding people’s pensions and insurance funds while hypocritically pretending that he is helping people by cutting government expenses. Politicians whose only goal is to enrich themselves are the worst of the worst. This swamp creature, this human parasite who only takes and takes and never gives, is the goddamn Speaker of the House!!! What more proof do any of us need that our political system is all screwed up and needs fixing to get puppy-eyed, homicidal psychopaths like him out of power?


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