A Rarely Heard Brilliant Voice

I suspect that, as a thin “black” man, he isn’t very attractive to many. In an age when the rich, sexy, and powerful get the most attention, his skin color or ethnicity probably keep many folks from ever listening to him. Furthermore, his English grammar sometimes slips (unfortunately that’s true for many Americans nowadays). And, yet, I find it shocking that he doesn’t have more viewers on Youtube, because – quite frankly – some of the most brilliant political commentaries I have heard are from this man: Jamarl Thomas. Just as I believe that I should have more readers to spread good sense, he should have more viewers — in spades!

You should at least listen to one of his videos. Maybe this one, though it is 35 minutes long: an astute analysis of which topics people in America should discuss in order to reach a consensus against the establishment and for the people. Since today is Sunday, the day may be right for a 35 minute video clip:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Progressive’s Manifesto. A Concise Progressive Plan to Take Power and How to Use It. Let’s Discuss!”)

Quite frankly, if The People’s Platform (USA) stagnates in its grassroots effort to create a political platform all Americans can support, I may go through this video to pick out all the great suggestions Jamarl makes to merge them with my own current list, detect and fill any or all gaps, and thus cobble together a good, comprehensive, broad-appeal platform all on my own.

Just a very few highlights from this video:

  1. How to take power, and what to do with it.
  2. A universal basic income is key to dealing with our changing labor market: it helps people who don’t have a job, who can’t find a job, or who absolutely just hate their job. It frees their time to do productive things and gets rid of their desperation. (incidentally, it would also make things easier for may employers)
  3. All these people marching against bad stuff, what they need is good stuff to march for.

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2 thoughts on “A Rarely Heard Brilliant Voice

  1. I haven’t come across Jamarl’s program before–thanks for the video link. So many great progressive voices out there… We gotta keep spreading the good news.


    1. And my thanks for the appreciation. 🙂

      In my opinion there are not nearly enough progressive voices out there. We are getting drowned out by the well-paid establishment shills while we sacrifice our spare time and even our sleep to write truth in the face of all the propaganda.


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