President, My President, Drain the Swamp! — With an Executive Order!

Represent.Us, which fights for anti-political-corruption laws and recently added a tactic for overcoming our “lesser” choice voting system, just came up with another grand idea (though it may not amount to more than a grand joke in this case): a petition of Donald Trump to stop political corruption (at least of executive agency appointees and government contractors) via executive order.

I quote:

Trump campaigned on a promise to Drain the Swamp… We decided to make it easy for him to get started. We’ve written an Executive Order that Trump could sign to take immediate action to Drain the Swamp. … This model Executive Order was crafted by senior counsel at Represent.Us. It includes nine of the most popular reforms that mirror the American Anti-Corruption Act, and that Trump could actually put in an Executive Order. ”

Imagine if Trump went for it, deciding that going down in history as one of our greatest presidents was more important to him than looting our country together with his appointees, after all! What a marvelous twist that would be! 🙂

Although more likely hell will freeze over, it strikes me as a petition worth signing, if only for the laugh. 🙂

You can sign the petition HERE.

And, as always, you can comment below, which makes a difference.



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