Congress is Planning to Murder 13,500 Americans by Next Year — Their Vote Starts Tomorrow

Here is a simple calculation based on available numbers:

In 2009, a study conducted at Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance, found that 44,789 Americans died annually from not having health insurance. Assuming their data had been collected in 2008, and knowing that uninsured Americans in 2008 numbered 46.3 million, an unweighted estimate of additional deaths from the additional 14 million uninsured in 2018 (estimated by the Congressional Budget Office as early consequence of the “Trumpcare” plan) would mean roughly 13,500 more deaths thanks to “Trumpcare” (a.k.a. the AHCA) next year. This result probably vastly underestimates the real number of casualties if you consider that most of those who will lose health insurance, if the Republicans force through this callous plan, are older people who need healthcare the most and die the most from not getting it. Still, even the low estimate of 13,500 murdered by our Congress to please their corporate paymasters makes my skin crawl.

How do YOU feel about this?

Oh, and those 14 million are only the beginning. By 2026, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates 24 million more uninsured than if “Obamacare” (the ACA) would stay in effect. (Not that “Obamacare” was ever perfect. The 2026 number of uninsured by the CBO’s estimate would still be 28 million. While that is 24 million less than the 52 million estimated under “Trumpcare”, it is still deplorable. All our peer nations, where everybody is insured, are looking at us with horror.)

Incidentally, there is some very comprehensive reading available on this topic in this week’s Our Revolution Continues blog. It includes things you can do to fight back. Very worth reading. Great graphs, too! I highly recommend it.

Addendum (March 23):  I just heard that Trump keeps putting enormous pressure on Members of Congress to get enough votes. Very sad! — Remember, the House is supposed to vote today, if necessary all the way into the night. Time for last minute action by people.

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14 thoughts on “Congress is Planning to Murder 13,500 Americans by Next Year — Their Vote Starts Tomorrow

  1. Thanks for the link to Our Revolution Continues. No matter if you go with the low or the higher estimates of how many will be without coverage under “TrumpCare”, the numbers are horrific. We’re talking about ALLOWING PEOPLE TO DIE and causing people to SUFFER ILLNESS they wouldn’t otherwise simply because we don’t give a rat’s a** about them. The anger at these hideous people who’d allow this sort of thing to happen is keeping me alive long enough to take them down a few notches, but if we don’t go to Medicare for All and soon, I see the guilontines and pitchforks coming.

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    1. Yeah, the numbers are horrific. I realized that so many millions kicked off their health coverage would kill a lot of people. So, I looked for estimates but couldn’t find any. Somehow, people’s lives didn’t really seem to figure in our regular political analysts’ work.

      So, I searched for data I could use to calculate an estimate myself. When I made that very conservative calculation which leaves out the heightened vulnerability of aged people (since the data I found didn’t address that aspect), I nevertheless came up with over 13,500 additional dead in just the time from now to next year. While, the same conservative calculation would estimate 170,000 dead by 2026 (assuming – probably falsely – a straight line curve of increased non-insurance), and none of this takes into account the Trump-Ryan-Care’s attacks on Medicaid and such, I felt that even this minimum number of 13,500 deaths by next year was a real shocker.

      Hence I shone the light on this low estimate number. I still shudder to think of it.


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