What Could be the Next Step in Better Healthcare?

The goal of healthcare shouldn’t be to increase profits. The goal of healthcare should be to provide healthcare to people. It’s in the name: CARE. You can’t do a good job with that if you prioritize money over the well-being of people.

So, after Trumpcare has faltered for now, what would be a good next step to take if we can’t push for Medicare for All just, yet? (personally, I think, pushing for Medicare for All should still be our plan)

Anyway, this guy thinks there could be an intermediary step called Midlife Medicare (about 6.5 minutes into the clip):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Down Goes TrumpCare! Down Goes TrumpCare!”)

The idea is to open up Medicare for people aged 50-64, something that might have a better chance in the current Congress than Medicare for All. Such a step could improve everybody’s readiness for eventually moving to Medicare for All while, for now, helping a lot of un- and under-insured older people in need of coverage.

On the other hand, this is still part of the Republicans-and-“Democrats”-own-politics thinking from which we must step away if we are to retake our country.

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “What Could be the Next Step in Better Healthcare?

  1. To me it seems a bit silly to waste time and effort with a “mid-life Medicare” (although I appreciate it since it would help me personally) rather than just going all out and institute Medicare for All. Let’s just face facts–we’ve had the ideal health delivery system in place since LBJ signed Medicare into law, so why aren’t we using it to its fullest? Yeah, the health industry lobbyists will scream bloody murder, but it’s time they get out of the business of denying Americans health care and go into another field. (Although, lobbyists are one group I don’t really care if they’re unemployed. They should suffer like they’ve made others suffer.)


  2. I am also for asking for the real prize. If that fails, going part of the way could get us closer to the final goal, though, just like that ugly beast – Obamacare – helped get the public more ready for Medicare for All. In that sense expanding Medicare down to age 50 could be a useful fall-back solution that first would help some of us right away and then could become a stepping stone for getting to the real prize.


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