People Want a Decent Life and Country — It’s That Simple

The reason Bernie Sanders had such stunning success in his 2016 campaign, rising from a virtual unknown to a political superstar, is that he was the first major candidate in ages to address the things ALL of us Americans (except for a few despicable crooks) deeply care about: affordable healthcare, education, jobs, and livable incomes — the elements of a decent human life. The time has come to unite around these issues, like the people at this meeting in West Virginia did:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “How Bernie Sanders is Proving the Red/Blue State Dichotomy is False”)

You can see how these inhabitants of a deep-red state hold dear what the rest of us do. We all simply want decent lives. All that “right”-“left”, “red”-“blue” wool over our eyes will be pulled off once we address the really important issues instead of the distractions from the Republican and “Democratic” Party.

This is why the current movements and organizations which are trying to unite us around our shared issues are so important, like the Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress (which recently joined forces), Bernie’s own Our Revolution, and – especially if or when these valiant efforts to reform the “Democratic” Party or entire Congress fail – the contingency of running with third parties like the Greens or the new people’s party which is currently being started by the very intriguing initiative known as Draft Bernie — an effort following the successful model of Abraham Lincoln’s new party.

The issues which Bernie Sanders put on the discussion table matter tremendously to most of us and across traditional lines of division, just as it should be with worthwhile political candidates and office holders during times of crisis. In all our current political efforts, I believe that we must emphasize unity across our common issues of concern and only support and tolerate candidates for office who share them.

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