Medicare for What All and How?

Conyer’s 2003 House bill may be better than Sander’s 2011 Senate bill. For a quick idea, see this brief comparison.

So, as we push for Medicare for All, we need to be aware that different implementations are possible. We should push for one which truly covers all and makes no weird exceptions; one that is simple to administer rather than spoiled by too many chiefs. It could be too much to handle for a single champion like Bernie Sanders, just as most of us working Americans lack the time or legalese and medical know-how to map out the forest with all its trees. It’s a reminder that we need more champions for the people in our politics. Bernie may be our flagship, needed as a focal point and possible founder of a long desired new party, but he will need allies. A single flagship no fleet does make. So, let’s keep the movement going, have more champions rise from our midst, and lift them into office all over our political landscape. This is how, in a democracy, or a dead body that used to be a democracy but still has many of democracy’s instruments in place, the people can assert themselves.

It’s up to us. Let’s not forget. And stay on the ball.



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