A New Slogan?

Recently – on April Fool’s Day – I stumbled upon another of Bernie Sander’s great quotes, one which I had either forgotten or missed in the heady flurry of 2016 or its – for me – still very busy 2017 aftermath, and which I haven’t been able to find in a web search…

So perhaps, it’s not a quote, after all, but a new statement for him to give, one I can only hope will filter through to him, so he can use it, especially if he should choose to finally oust our current twin-party tyranny with a third party like probably only he can do any time soon (or if he should manage to purge the “Democratic” party of all its crooks as he is still trying to do, but about which I have my doubts in terms of long-term success since the party lacks the anti-corruption structures needed in today’s United States of Political Bribery).

The quote – or statement – formed when I summarized Bernie’s welcoming reception in a “red state” with the heading: “People Want a Decent Life and Country — It’s That Simple”

When people reacted by telling me how it cheers them up every time they see a picture of Bernie making a statement, I instantly thought that I probably had closed a circle by unknowingly summarizing Bernie’s fight for us in his own words. So, I did a quick search, but came up empty.

Perhaps millions will instantly point me to salient links of Bernie saying exactly that – in exactly those words – and I will humbly accept the verdict that I sometimes goof up my searches. (Yeah, right! I’d need millions of readers first! So much for that! … Hey, you could register for email notifications and recommend my blog to your friends to make this happen… 😉 )

At any rate, I think this statement truly sums up the deeply felt emotions of despair, outrage, and hope-against-all-hope that fill our hearts and resonate with many of the things Bernie Sanders says and does.

Many things, not all, that is. His capitulating in the face of election theft in the primaries and then endorsing Hillary was a hard one to swallow for many of us, myself included, even as I understand he saw (rightly or wrongly) a need to do so to avoid becoming painted as an election spoiler who gave us Trump – something corporatists still tried very hard to do after the election, thus to forever neutralize the man who is their single greatest political threat besides the issues themselves and our gradual awakening.

My life may be unusual in many respects, but it is completely ordinary in that I want a decent life and in that it has been denied to me since birth and will probably continue to be denied till the day I die by an overpowering system of enforced inequality which leaves “ordinary” people like me little control over our lives. However, I won’t go down without a fight, even if only my fellow human beings – those who live long enough – will ever see the benefits. So be it.

I love for you to leave comments below. They give me the sense that all the time I spend unpaid writing for a better world is not in vain, and maybe a lucky smart remark of mine will make it to the proper ears.



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