Bernie Bursts onto Online TV with his Own Show

Remember FDR’s Fireside Chats? Respectively, have you heard about them in your undoubtedly voracious digging through U.S. history? There once was this president who heeded the needs of the people and did something about them. Therefore, he had a message to impart and the mass media to circumvent, to get in touch with “ordinary” Americans (or REAL Americans, as I like to call us). Well, Franklin D. Roosevelt was then. Bernie Sanders is now. Bernie may not be president, at least for now (the establishment saw to that last year!), but he also has issues to speak to us about and obstructionist corporate mass media to circumvent.

And so, he has started his own kind of Fireside Chats. The Young Turks recently reported on this:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Bernie TV EXPLODING Online, Media Pretends Not To Notice…”)

Somehow, during my latest tribulations, I had missed this. For anyone else who may also have missed this (maybe they were also sick and job searching…), here is my announcement of Bernie Sanders’ own online TV show: a Facebook Live show called “The Bernie Sanders Show.” The site has generated 164 million video views since the beginning of the year.

Some additional data: Bernie has amassed 4.75 million followers on Twitter (as @SenSanders), 7 million on his staff’s Twitter account (@BernieSanders), and more than 7 million likes on Facebook . Bill Nye the “Science Guy”, appeared as a guest on Saunders’ show to discuss climate change and the episode tallied over 4.6 million views and 25,000 shares. No-one comes close to beating him in those numbers.

There’s more: In the last week (according to some arcane Facebook metric or so), 1.8 million people were “talking about” the page, more than The New York Times, MTV, Vice, and some network outlets; and even a mere 40 second smartphone video of Bernie talking next to a ficus plant racked up 14 million views. Wheee! The leading host on cable news (Bill O’Reilly), on a great night, merely gets some 3 million views.

So, yeah, if there is such a thing as a current day Abraham Lincoln who could split a corrupt major party down the middle between unthinking party lemmings and angry, abandoned, change-demanding people with whom to form a new party that will oust the corrupt old party and give us a people’s party, much as Abraham Lincoln did, splitting the Whig Party and creating the (then new and not yet totally corrupt) Republican Party back in 1854 — that man, today, is Bernie Sanders.

I’ll stop typing right now and day-dream about Bernie doing just that. (Oh, please, Bernie, do! This would be your greatest legacy and dramatically shorten the war for survival we – the people – must wage).

As always, your comments below are most welcome and help make a difference.

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7 thoughts on “Bernie Bursts onto Online TV with his Own Show

    1. Crossing my fingers, too. 😉

      (A new party with bottom-up democracy built in, instead of top-down rule, is probably necessary to overcome the establishment. The party on which the Draft Bernie initiative is working seems to have that. This, plus the fact that the corporatist DemPublican Party has too much top-down control built in to be very vulnerable to reform from the inside, makes the third party option our best bet, me thinks.)

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  1. We must keep our prayers with him and hope that America’s sins can be overcome. Currently, we do not deserve to stand as a nation. Bernie reminds us of what a good nation is meant to be. Not his evil empire with rulers that ignore it’s people. God Bless you Bernie.

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  2. I have followed Bernie now since Jan.2016.I dont mind stating I have come to appreciate ,Love and respect his unstoppable dedication to the Middle class of which I am a member.
    I consider myself a participant soldier if you will in Bernies war on the many difficult issues We the People are facing.
    I am the son of the Revolution I am A Vietnam Veteran and I love my country.

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    1. Thanks for your commitment to the good cause. (also, I like to point out terminology-wise that the working class is not solely comprised of the middle class but also the never-spoken-about lower class: the working poor and unemployed poor, as well as the precariat which can cross the line from middle class to poor in both directions many times, never achieving stability (about which I can tell a thing or two))

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