In Healthcare You Get What You Vote For: The Chopping Block is Back

Remember my calculation that Trumpcare would have killed an absolute minimum of 13,500 people by next year? Remember me telling you that Trumpcare failed the votes because the bill didn’t seem cruel enough for some far-right Republicans in Congress (the so-called Freedom Caucus)? Remember me promoting that we now turn the tables and fight together with Bernie Sander, John Conyers, and more for what most of us want, namely Medicare for All?

Well, the despicable fiends on the other side who want to make money for themselves and their corporate friends from our suffering and deaths are not yet done. They are now gunning for that one good thing that was left in the Trumpcare bill: the protection from being banned from healthcare when your illness gets defined as a “pre-existing” condition, like when you lose your healthcare insurance because you are laid off from work – or become too sick to work – and then you can never insure yourself again to cover that illness which is from then on defined as “pre-existing.”

What’s their trick to pull off this underhanded and murderous slight of hand? Move the decision to the side of the states, that’s what. So, what do you do if the U.S. government, in a rare case of working for us, has erected a much needed protection for us, and you are an evil goblin wanting to tear it down, but there is too much public resistance to you doing so? You just “innocently” shift the decision-making to the states and have your fellow goblins in state governments slash the whole thing to bits one state at a time — in a finely tuned way so as not to threaten the posts of any goblins. You get to wash your hands on Capitol Hill, saying you didn’t end the protection. You just affirmed state rights (state independence) from the evil federal government. Then you don your halo and angel wings and fly off into the sunset with your pay-off from the insurance industry. Heist accomplished.

Now, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, in the informative video clip below, takes the opportunity to criticize Republicans, but gives “Democrats” a free pass, probably because – yes – at the moment the Republican members of Congress are (as so often) rearing the ugliest heads, and also because he is working with The Justice Democrats to reform the Democratic Party from within. As you know, I am a bit more radical. I remind you that “Democrats” likewise haven’t done much for us lately (as in the last thirty years!) and that the “Democratic” Party can probably not be reformed from within (although I support the effort just in case it should actually work despite prior failed efforts and the party’s many firewalls against such internal reform). Personally, I favor a third party that is very different from the parties we have had to put up with, namely one that works bottom-up instead of top-down, precisely the party the initiative called Draft Bernie has recently begun to try and build. A worthwhile effort to look into if you haven’t checked it out, yet.

The lesson from all of this: we get what we vote for. If all of us, who are sick of the cheating, lying, and stealing establishment politicians, had voted for Jill Stein as president and “Berniecrats” for all other positions in November, we would be in a very different situation right now. Since we didn’t, let’s keep wisening up and waking up one another and support efforts like The Justice Democrats and Draft Bernie (especially the latter). In the end, it’s all up to us.

Great source on this news item:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Republicans Plotting To End Preexisting Condition Protections”)

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5 thoughts on “In Healthcare You Get What You Vote For: The Chopping Block is Back

  1. And people call me paranoid when I say the Republicans/Corporate Dems have it in for folks like me. They just can’t wait to deny us any health care coverage and watch us die slow, painful deaths due to untreated (yet highly manageable with the right medicines/treatments) pre-existing conditions. You really wonder how they can look at themselves in the mirror some days. It’s time to Draft Bernie and kick all these sociopaths out of office once and for all!

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    1. I feel you, Cindy. Having us die once we’re no longer useful to them is part of our oligarchs’ business model. Those of us not born rich or gotten rich by extreme luck or cut-throat behavior are simply wage slaves in a capitalist system of human exploitation evolved from feudalism, in turn evolved from the Roman slave holder society.

      As for kicking out the sociopaths, we must do this. At the same time, we mustn’t forget to also fix the corrupt system of legalized political bribery and purchasable elections which attracts the sociopaths into public office in the first place.

      We sure have our work cut out… ;-p

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  2. Yeah, we’ve got to wage a “battle” if not a “war” to fight against the greedy 1% establishment sociopaths. 😉 I think tackling health care for all, reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act and ending Citizens United are our first battles to face. We must win them all, or I fear we’ll be crushed by our opponents and silenced.


  3. This reminds me of The People’s Platform that needs perfecting ( 😉

    Re your points:

    1.) I agree, Medicare for All is urgent in order to save tens of thousands of American lives lost to lack of healthcare access.

    2.) Reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act (and then some) is important to pull the banksters’ strangling hands from our necks. This can also not be done soon enough.

    3.) I am actually with Cenk Uygur saying that Citizen United basically just shot a dead horse since political bribery in the U.S. has been “legal” and rampant for nearly forty years, much to my almost lifelong bafflement:

    * 1976: Buckley v. Valeo, 424 US 1 Supreme Court decision: Money = Speech
    * 1978: First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti, 435 U.S. 765: Corporations = Human Beings, so they have the same speech rights as people, so (combining this with the Buckley v. Valeo decision) they can give money to politicians.
    * 2010: The infamous, much better known, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission 558 U.S. 310 decision basically just affirmed the above combination of arguments, making it official that all stops have been pulled out.

    Basically this is all part of campaign law reform. I think that ideally all political campaigns should be publicly financed and private funding outlawed, but even lesser steps would help: forcing full public disclosure of all donations to politicians and their campaigns, limiting donations to come from people (not corporations) and individual donation sizes to small amounts affordable to all, equal air time for all candidates, requiring access to televised debates for all candidates (at least all who have a reasonably large minimum following like, say, 1% of voters; not the current insanely high hurdle)… But those are topics for discussion on The People’s Platform. 😉


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