Three Punches for the People: #2 Direct Action

(Note: If you have already read my long essay State of the Revolution, you will find this piece largely redundant. This piece presents a certain portion of the former article for the logistic reasons of focused reading and a focused reference I and others can link to from other articles.)

Part one dealt with flooding the system with good people displacing the corrupt ones. Part two deals with:

Direct Action, such as Anti-Corruption Measures works to implement anti-political-corruption laws in towns and states across the country through ballot initiatives. Recently, it also began a drive for electoral reform to eliminate “wasted votes” and a petition for President Trump to drain the swamp per executive order.

Wolf PAC works to build towards a Free and Fair Elections Amendment to our Constitution. The Berniecrats Network provided a valuable list of candidates worth voting for during last year’s election. Maybe it will continue to do so. Support Progressives! consolidates similar lists from a variety of “progressive” organizations, including the Berniecrats Network. Be warned, though: there is no restriction as to who can call themselves “progressive!” So many neoliberals have, in the past, cloaked themselves in progressive lip service and identity-“progressivism” so that some people have begun to see the word “progressive” as a warning signal. Maybe we could help ourselves by creating some standards and an independent watch dog organization applying some minimum standards to politicians worth our support.

Another thing we need to have, is more reliable media. We should come up with ways to fund non-corporate, non-shill reporters and writers like myself, since most of our outlets can’t or won’t pay us for our work, thus greatly limiting what we can do to keep everybody informed, while all around us the steady drumbeat of the corporate mass media and establishment politicians roars. Just a thought…

Back to efforts which already exist and can use your participation: WatchTheVoteUSA fights for clean elections — and, boy, do we need progress on that front!

There also have been many protests in the streets and political events such as town hall meetings. One organization which helps people find these events at which to speak out calls itself Indivisible. Also, if you want to call them, you can find the phone numbers of your “representatives” and senators here: reps, senators.

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