Another Hit Coming? Moves to RAISE Retirement Age & CUT Social Security?

If this is true (and it would fit the pattern), the tone of this article published on Learn Progress is quite appropriate. A word of caution: the news media are very quiet about this, and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare seems to think the current attacks are still aimed at reviving the evil Trumpcare, not retirement and such. Still, in case this old fav of the Republican Party is coming around again, heere are some excerpts from the article which says that it is:

The legislation will negatively affect retirement plans for American workers aged 49 and under. The bill will lower Social Security benefits by one-third to retirees and those drawing Social Security Disability Retirement and raise their retirement to 70 years old.

Calling Social Security and Medicare entitlements is wrong. Workers pay into both their entire career, and if the federal government would leave it alone, it would be solvent today. … Ronald Reagan stole money from the Social Security funds to pay for his tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. …

George W. Bush stole from the fund to pay for his two illegal wars and finance the pharmaceutical-friendly Medicare Part D. … The federal government owes the fund trillions of dollars.

Instead of paying back the money taken from the fund, Ryan and his band of heartless thugs want to cut benefits and make it harder for individuals who worked their entire lives to make this nation great to retire and live out their golden years in peace. …

Ryan and Johnson want young people to invest in retirement accounts in banks and financial institutions, the Republican Party’s base. They prefer to make the one-percent of Americans richer at the expense of the needy and retirees. …

This is not what Americans voted for in November. So many fell for Trump’s lie that Social Security and Medicare were safe and voted for him, only to find the exact opposite. …

Yes, Trump lied again to benefit billionaires like himself in the banking and financial industries. They will make billions while future retirees live on a shoe string.

Now, the general bent of the article in the currently so popular resist-trump-he’s-such-a-monster direction worries me. We must always remember, we have a whole plutocratic establishment to fight, not a single guy, president or not. This focus on Trump is, in my estimation, largely a campaign by the corporatist Democratic Party to regain votes and wrestle the oligarchy’s favors more to its side than the GOP’s side. Both parties are, after all, gangs serving the oligarchy and – together with it and the corporate mass media – forming the establishment which keeps the rest of us running in hamster wheels, ill informed, poor (or a least significantly robbed), and deprived of a voice all our lives. Another thing to call to mind is that retirement through social security would be less of an issue if we enacted a guaranteed basic income which we will soon need anyway to prevent our technological displacement from the labor market (at any age!) to push the majority of us into unemployed destitution.


2 thoughts on “Another Hit Coming? Moves to RAISE Retirement Age & CUT Social Security?

  1. I get the feeling sometimes we little people don’t suffer enough for these corporatists. You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip, and we’re definitely turnips, but they just want more blood. Time to change the system!


  2. One can think of the plutocrats (A.K.A. oligarchs) as small kids in adult bodies (never having grown up inside, being pampered and served by adult servants all their lives), hanging around on rich-kid playgrounds with their peers. Some are satisfied with what they have, leaving our oppression and exploitation to professional estate managers. Others look around and see that some of their peers have more, and so they want to take more and will stop at nothing to get it. We little people belong to their servant class, and our suffering is below their notice. The few among them, who realize at some level that they benefit from other people’s deaths and suffering, end up as drunks or drug addicts. I have yet to find one who uses his or her wealth to good effect helping to heal this sick system.

    That’s why we “little” people have to band together and heal the system ourselves.


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