A Short Rundown: What Do We Really Do in the Middle East

U.S. policy in the Middle East since the 1950s:

  1. Who isn’t for us is against us.
  2. Oil, oil, oil.
  3. Lies, lies, lies. (remember Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, for example?)
  4. War mongering for war profiteering and for painting our worst politicians as heroes.
  5. Different parts of the government pursue different goals, even supporting foreign groups which fight EACH OTHER.

The results:

  1. We created Al-Qaeda.
  2. We created ISIS.
  3. Islamist terrorism as a whole is mostly our creation.
  4. War, war, war, terrorism, deaths and refugees galore.
  5. A huge portion of the weapons (even chemical ones) are supplied by us.

All this in a region which is a powder keg because Islam has never undergone a modernizing reform (only the reverse: fundamentalist turn-back-the-clock reforms) and therefore is steeped in medieval mentality with all its superstition and barbarity.

Bravo! (←sarcasm)

Here is a very informative newscast:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “[57] Journalist Ben Norton On How We’re Being Misled Into More War”)

Oh, and if you are among those utterly confused people who still believe Assad ordered a chemical strike against his own people, take a second to think about this logically: Ordering such an attack, just as international opinion was at last turning in his favor, in fact a mere two days after an American president for the first time said he’d work with him rather than against him, would be one of the stupidest moves in human history. Could a man that stupid survive all these many years in power in the midst of a civil war and full-scale regime change invasion which have been shredding his country? He is clearly being framed by his enemies or our own warmongers, or both.

To conclude, what we need is not another war in the Middle East, but a war against our corrupt establishment, the same establishment which not only murders millions of people abroad and generates terrorism against us and our European allies but causes so much domestic misery right here at home.

Since such a large portion of Americans are still hopelessly confused and misinformed, the priority in fighting our evil establishment must be a media war waged in social and alternative media. The corporate mass media won’t publish, air, or even mention guys like you and me! So, share my posts, comment on them, sign up for email notifications (sidebar), and join The People’s Platform (USA) on Facebook. If you can find me paying outlets or sponsorships, even better. We NEED alternative voices against the mendacious mass media drum beat. Thanks for anything you do to improve our public discourse and move us forward.


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