Are you ready for the New New Deal?

Once the “Democratic Party” gave us the New Deal which vastly improved American lives by giving us a social safety net, the kind of mutual help system that rescues those who weren’t lucky enough to be born rich, weren’t lucky or ruthless enough to get rich in life, and who are not blessed with a caring and sufficiently prosperous family that can help during hard times or in old age. It is a brilliant invention — basically a modern re-invention of the tribal practice of our ancestors, when sharing and helping one another was normal and kept our species alive.

Sadly, constant social security cuts, presidential raids of its funds, and privatization of pensions, have undone much of what made Americans so financially safe and prosperous some one or two generations ago. The New Deal has been partially dismantled by the robber billionaires who, with the help of not only the Republican Party, but also the “Democratic” Party, for the last three decades, have been diverting our funds into their pockets — the same thing they have been doing with our salaries and benefits using globalization and – increasingly automation – as a weapon. And they keep working a this. If this keeps going on, we will be left with nothing. Even though we are the working people who create everything.

Does that seem right to you?

Can we approve of the American Dream becoming a nightmare? What has become of the happy, prosperous America of the Hollywood movies that people all over the world saw as the promised land? Isn’t it telling that in recent years we have had more Mexicans leaving this sinking country than entering it?

After the 2016 electoral disaster, the “Democratic” Party hasn’t made a course change, despite firm efforts of Bernie Sanders and various new activist organizations to reform it back to the core principles which once defined it. With so much resistance from corporate sell-outs dominating this party, can we still hope to reform it? Look what they did to Bernie Sanders’ candidacy, locking out millions of voters in the primaries, miscounting votes against him, and having hundreds of superdelegates warp the national convention? Millions of former members have left it in disgust and keep leaving? It’s a dying party, and it seems unwilling to mend its ways and thus revive. The corporate bribes are just too sweet for its leadership.

So, busting it and starting a new party from within, a party where all the disappointed, awakened former members and supporters can go (as well as lots of independents, our largest voter block), seems like the only valid option left to us. Yes, we could also all rush into the Green Party or the Democratic Socialists and such; but does it seem likely? Very little of that happened last election, and marching in this direction could take decades. The one thing that has worked in America’s past, and FAST, was when a popular politician who DID represent millions upon millions of a treacherous party’s members and supporters formed a new party from within. Abraham Lincoln is the prime example when he formed the Republican Party out of the Whig Party dying from the blowback caused by its betrayal of its base. This is the method that has worked. And it is the only one we now have left aside from growing third parties the hard way (which has never gone very far in our political winner take all system).

So, the big current wave being Dem-Exit, it’s a good time to ride that wave; and Bernie Sanders should catch it before it’s too late. The success would be enormous and could accelerate the revolution we need moving away from corporatism. It could be shortened from possible decades to just a few short years. Politically speaking, it would be almost instant. Like when, after the founding of the Republican Party, it took only six years to take over the federal legislature and install Abraham Lincoln as president. Things have never looked as favorable to repeat this proven formula as right now.

Let’s seriously think about it… and give it a shot.

There have been Twitter polls asking, “should we reform the ‘Democratic Party’ to be more ‘progressive’” — the term usually used to describe New Deal aspirations even as many neoliberal crooks have heinously misapplied the term to themselves in order to misrepresent themselves as friends of the people — “or should we join an existing third party, or should we get Bernie to start a new party,” and a new party with Bernie Sanders at the helm is the overwhelming favorite.

The volunteer organization Draft Bernie is hard at work to make this happen, a party truly of the people, by the people, and for the people — preferably with Bernie Sander’s support, because of the formidable catalyst he would be. The organization only went public a short time ago and already has had more than 30,000 people sign its petition. Tomorrow they plan a phone storm to his office to let him know and ask he consider this move. They are using one of those newfangled social media gimmicks which amplifies the voice of volunteers greatly through their social networks. Here is the link, if you are interested. The organization’s founder, Nick Brana, also gave a really interesting interview two days ago.

According to Gallop, around 60% of Americans want a new major party, and the trend has been rising for years.

The need is great, the cause is just, and the time is now!

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