Alarm: The Oligarchy is Coming for Net Neutrality and thus Our Alternative Media and Public Discourse — Fight Back Now!

Demand Progress has raised the alarm and asks us to fight back: Trump’s gang is about to pull the rug out from under the media war that we, the people, must fight to save our country from the ravages of corporatism. By killing net neutrality, the oligarchy will be able to prevent our access to outlets of real news, sharp analyses, true narratives, and bold visions we can fight for, outlets like the one you are reading in right now.

This is much more important than it may seem at first glance! With the corporate mass media being in cahoots with our country-killing oligarchy, we need alternative media to fight back. Imagine we could no longer inform and communicate with each other. How could we still fight back against the parasitic establishment which is squeezing the life out of our country, our planet, and our lives?!? (no pun intended)

Hardly anything (besides mass arrests and disappearing political opponents – something our anti-constitutional banana republic laws actually allow, in case you haven’t noticed what G.W. Bush’s “Patriot” Act and Obama’s Military Commissions Act and and NDAAs did to us) could pose a greater threat to the democratic discourse than this plan to gut net-neutrality.

I quote Demand Progress:

Trump’s FCC chair has publicly announced his plans to kill net neutrality. … No net neutrality means Big Cable can demand companies and consumers pay shakedown fees for decent speeds – and push the rest of us into Internet “slow lanes.”And no net neutrality is a threat to freedom of speech online.Demand Progress members have fought hard to keep the internet free and open, helping drive the record 4 million public comments that got the FCC to issue the Open Internet rules in 2015. Now, we need to fight even harder.”

Here you can sign Demand Progress’ petition to Congress and the FCC: Reject Trump’s plan for a corporate-controlled internet.

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