Fighting Back: Trumpcare 2.0 about to kill even more Americans as Trumpcare 1.0 – Sign the Petition against it!

… and keep pushing Medicare for All!

Remember me calculating very conservatively that by next year alone 13,000 people would die from Trumpcare? Remember me warning you that Trumpcare 2.0 was on the horizon, adding to the above death toll the abolition of the pre-existing conditions protection we have finally enjoyed for the last few years, thereby making us all vulnerable to the heist of paying for insurance all our lives and being barred from receiving healthcare benefits as soon as we really need them?

Well, the move against us is being made now, and here is a petition to voice our protest:

Here you can sign the petition: Tom MacArthur, drop your bill to take health care away from millions.

To ward off the ever-lurking feeling of hopelessness and not just try to block evil punches but punch back for a better life, keep in mind that Bernie announced he will present a Medicare for All senate bill, a much older (and possibly even better) Medicare for All bill has long been gathering dust in the House of Representatives and could gain traction if we pushed the politicians hard enough, especially since nowadays a majority of Americans favors Medicare for All. California may soon actually manage to realize it on a state level. So, let’s keep fighting for what’s right. That way, we can succeed. 😉

Let’s demand Medicare for All whenever we face proponents of cuts to our health care, whether it be in town halls, when calling the offices of reps and senators, or in any other situation. We are fighting not only against our horrible present but for a better future. This strategy energizes us more and leads to better results, too.

To further help our fight for a better future, register for updates at sites like this, comment below, send in your own posts, share our articles on social media, or participate on special Facebook Pages like The People’s Platform (USA). And now, for the first time, you can even become a sponsor of this blog. 🙂

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