At Last You Can Help Get This Word Out

Hello friends, I am announcing a new weapon, for you personally, in our media war against the establishment and for a better future:

Every single day, corruption affects all of us in America. Our dreams are crushed, our lives are the lives of serfs, our very health a kind of lottery. We are sicker, poorer, and even dying because of our establishment’s callous and cruel corruption. And, sadly, most of us still don’t see the ways our corrupt political and economic system is hurting us, or how we can overcome the establishment and build a better country. Instead, they are befuddled by the mainstream media and caught in a pointless competition or even gamesmanship between two major parties, both of which serve the establishment, not us.

We need more voices that represent people, not corporations; voices that are for living wages, a healthy environment, peace, healthcare and free college for all like our peer countries have, good public education, tax justice, economic justice, proper child care and dignified retirement, good jobs and economic safety even when our jobs go overseas or are taken over by robots or artificial intelligence.

We need voices that know how to talk about these things intelligently and let us all participate in the conversation to jointly find the best solutions — voices which cultivate and support political candidates who share these same principles, so that champions like Bernie Sanders, and others who are beginning to rise to the challenge, don’t always have to struggle like unknown and misunderstood preachers in the desert.

We need voices that undo the endless decades of brainwashing by the robber billionaires’ so-called think tanks, the corporate politicians, and the corporate media.

To conclude, what we need is not another war in the Middle East, but a war against our corrupt establishment, the same establishment which not only murders millions of people abroad and generates terrorism against us and our European allies but causes so much domestic misery right here at home: rising poverty, economically devastated towns, millions of uninsured, lives without prospects… You know what I am talking about, don’t you?

With its boundless greed and total disregard for consequences, with its focus on re-distributing to the top instead of ensuring prosperity for all, the establishment not only ruins many of our lives, but also prevents us from properly addressing life’s natural hardships. If it were not for the robber billionaires, their army of 42,000 lobbyists, their bought politicians and media pundits, all bent on robbing and cheating us, we could be working to prevent and fight pandemics; find a cure for cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other terrible diseases; prepare and protect against natural disasters; arrange for a materially secure life when machines take over our jobs; alleviate the ravages of aging and perhaps even extend our rather short human lives in good health, to name a few worthwhile goals. We could also create ever more beauty and cultural advancement. Instead, we are forced to toil for drab – and painfully scant – money to pay for absurdly high living costs. Instead of being about love, joy, friendship, family, culture, and fun, our lives have been reduced to clawing and kicking on a dung hill for sheer survival — and this in the most prosperous country in history which easily produces enough for everybody. Thank you, establishment!

Since so many people are hopelessly confused and misinformed, the priority in fighting the evil establishment must be a media war waged in social and alternative media (the corporate mass media won’t publish, air, or even mention guys like you and me). So, in addition to anything else you may already be doing in our fight for a better future, please share my blog posts (and those of others like me), comment on them, sign up for email notifications, maybe write insightful posts yourself, and join The People’s Platform (USA) on Facebook to hammer out a political platform for our country’s marginalized majority. If you can find me paying outlets or sponsors, even better.

Keep in mind: the corporate media and their talking heads are flush with corporate money. Their pundits are paid millions each year ($30,000 each day!!!) to confuse us, misinform us, mislead us, send us to foreign wars for oil over a bunch of lies, hide the corruption of our government officials, help to elevate crooks into office, and feed you false narratives to make you your worst enemy when voting. They have all the time and money in the world to hurt us, while honest voices of the people like me have to sacrifice our sleep to try and take on these dollar-dripping corporate media with no money.

But now, thanks to a new Patreon account (a crowd-funding tool), you can sponsor my work directly, with small monthly contributions like $5 or $2.70 (if you know what I mean) or even just $1… or more if you can afford it. Invite others to do the same, and it will add up. Through such crowd-funding, we can create our own media with accurate news, debunking of the establishment’s false narratives, and workable plans and visions for a better future.

Should contributions ever suffice to free me from my thankless day-job treadmill, it would not only allow me to produce more and better pieces, but also to push for greater reach on more outlets, something for which I currently have no time. And should there ever be any funds left over, I will finance yet more voices of the people with them.

We NEED alternative voices against the mendacious mass media drum beat. Thanks for any help you can give. This Patreon account was created as an opportunity for you to help in our media war for truthful information and the forming of successful strategies for change. Click here to visit my Patreon account and become a sponsor.

As always, your comments below are most appreciated and make a difference. And, for the first time, you can even sponsor this blog. 🙂

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