Video: Divide and Conquer — Unite and Throw off the Yoke

I don’t like to showcase advertisement, especially when I don’t get a cut of the money being made (really bad since I need money), and it may be a century before I ever do this again, but this one nicely demonstrates how dumb it is for us to put up walls made from overrated and easily overturned opinions, thereby isolating ourselves from each other when we could instead talk to each other like mature adults, discover our mutual humanity, lend neighborly help to each other, unify politically around our mutual concerns which often far exceed our disagreements, and – in talking about our conflicting opinions – refine them to a point where we might even be able to come to mutually acceptable agreements regarding them or at least table them until later — those issues which, so far, the establishment uses so successfully to divide and conquer us.

I think it’s worth a try. How about you?

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld “)

Naturally, this is a commercial. It’s from a corporation. So, it must be taken with lots of grains of salt. And, yes, some people identifying with some of those in this video will feel unjustly smeared. So be it. Please rise above those minor flaws. The reason I wanted to share it, is that this video clip can, on a gut level, reassure us that politically divided people are still people and at the same time visually show us what a crossing of the divides could look like. Some of us can do things that are new to us more easily when we have seen them done. I think, we need to put aside many petty differences in these dark times and join forces to defeat the establishment. That’s all. I hope you agree.

And, maybe, next time one of us meets a person we want to turn away from in disgust because of their ill-conceived opinion, we resist the urge and instead hold out an olive branch, or a beer… and possibly manage to forge a little bit more unity against our horrible establishment.

(BTW, if Youtube blocks you from watching the video because of age restrictions, I agree that’s totally stupid. I have seen nothing in there that justifies age restriction. More fodder for disliking both our politicians and our corporations…)


One thought on “Video: Divide and Conquer — Unite and Throw off the Yoke

  1. Very interesting commercial… It’s message is “Heineken is the social lubricant that brings people together.” It doesn’t say these people are “real people” or “actors”, however, so I’m suspicious that it’s an idealization of what would happen if you put two very different people into a room together. I know some people who would have started beating up on the transgendered person after finding out their true identity no matter what happened previously. (In fact, if they had become friendly, he would have felt tricked and would have beat her up all the more.)


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