Breaking: The Vote on Trumpcare 2.0 — 24 Million Lose Their Healtcare; No More Pre-Existing Protection; 13,500+ Dead By Next Year — Your Way to Fight Back

… and anybody with serious conditions moved into state-run special high-risk pools which assuredly will be underfunded and too expensive to join as in prior such experiments. If you have been reading this blog, you know all about that. It will also allow insurance plans to increase costs by as much as 500 percent for Americans ages 50 to 64. And it may not stop there – some provisions of the new proposal allow states to set the age ratio (the percentage insurers can increase costs based on a patient’s age) as high as they like, thereby letting insurers in those states charge an unlimited “age tax” on older Americans.

Update: I scheduled this article before I left on a job interview trip for the rest of the day. Since then, the crime in the House has already happened, and we will have to call-storm our senators instead of the House Reps to prevent the murder-for-profit of thousands of Americans by our profit-loving establishment. (see below about how)

Things are happening so fast, I frankly couldn’t know if the House would have voted by the time you got to read this post. (Update: Well, now we know!)

Point is, we need to make calls in a hurry, to the crooks in Congress and the White House.

You may recall that the reason for Trumpcare 1.0’s failure in Congress was in part due to our – the people’s – uproar, but also (to no small degree) due to a special faction among the Republicans, the so-called Freedom Caucus, which is a group of the most shameful of sociopathic “Representatives” who felt that Trumpcare 1’s retaining of the pre-existing conditions protection from Obamacare was simply too nice — that people who have been bounced around or dropped from healthcare because of changing jobs (or the loss of their job because they are currently too sick to work), should simply be left to die so they never get to collect what they and the rest of us paid in insurance premiums when they need the insurance money to save themselves or their children. After all, it is far more preferable to these sociopaths that they and their buddies in the insurance industry get to enrich themselves on that money. What better way to grab it than when we are dead?

This is why we need a media war and a 2nd American Revolution to get rid of these crooks!

By the way, I wouldn’t trust the repeated corporate media claims that Trumpcare 2.0 is sure to fail (Update: and as you now see, I was right about that.). We know the corporate media aren’t honest with us, and the shysters in Congress will keep pushing the corporate agenda until they succeed or we oust them. Trumpcare 2.0 (wealth care instead of health care) will only fail if we push hard enough against it.

Update: It’s too late to call the House members. To call your senators, FOR NOW you can go to THIS link:

and find your reps and senators by Zip Code. Clicking on one of them gets you their phone number and website.

And let’s not forget, what we really want is Medicare for All. You may tell them that at the same time you promise them an end to their tenure if they don’t stop the mass murder known as Trumpcare 2.0!

By the way, if you agree we need a media war throughout alternative media to face off with the mendacious corporate mass media, you can start supporting us right here on this blog on our brand new Patreon account. (Heck, if I could live on my research and writing, I could provide you with urgent info faster, not having to waste most of my time in day-time treadmills and job hunts.)

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