The Fight for our Healthcare May be a Long Game — Join it Anyway!


Your definition of long matters in this. To wit:

  1. As they proved again yesterday, the corrupt crooks which crowd Congress will not relent on their unending schemes to squeeze ever more wealth from us – the people – for themselves and their corporate friends — until we replace them. Replacing them won’t happen overnight. (But we better strain for it!)
  2. We not only need to try and stop every latest screw the corporate politicians turn (like Trumpcare 2.0 right now), but we must make Medicare for All a reality to join all our peer nations in complete healthcare coverage, not just healthcare for some, as we have been having the whole time in our (in this respect) backward country.

A very brief summary: Our peer nations made healthcare insurance universal (meaning everybody in their countries is covered, uninterruptedly!) as far back as the 19th century. This also has strengthened their economies because sick workers don’t work well, and providing health insurance is a huge burden on employers, especially small businesses. Watch this telling video for details:

Medicare went in the right direction. Taiwan has even used it as the model for its own national healthcare, except it doesn’t only cover the elderly. It is the Medicare for All which we, too, need — for every age. I am not proposing to cover face-lifts through a public insurance, but survival and health, yes! Obamacare was a gift to the profiteering health insurance and pharmaceutical industry since it saved Big Pharma from price caps on its unscrupulous usury and our privateering insurance companies from having to compete with a public insurance system that would focus on making our health better instead of maximizing profits for a handful of billionaires and their millionaire CEOs.

So, yesterday, the criminal Republicans in “our” House of Representatives voted to murder no less than 13,500 Americans by next year and kick 24 million Americans off health coverage in the years to come for their own and their buddies profits. Unlike a month ago, they chose to be more devious about it this time. Instead of outright cutting off people who need health coverage the most, they chose to leave it to the states to kick them off and into eligibility for “high risk pools” which (A) will be insufficiently funded and (B) keep people from access through unpayable premiums. In addition they nixed protection of pre-existing conditions. So, those of us who – when we were healthy – paid and paid and paid into our privateering insurances get to see no returns when we get seriously ill. Instead, we get to die, so the unconscionable crooks in the insurance industry and their bribe-taking politicians get to keep the money as we rot in our graves.

You know how pre-existing conditions work, don’t you? You pay your insurance premiums all your healthy adult life. Then, when you eventually become seriously ill, you lose your job because you are too sick to work. Your illness thereby immediately becomes “pre-existing.” Then you die from denied healthcare, and the insurance company owners get to keep all the premiums you paid to them so they can buy more private tropical islands, luxury yachts, private jets, luxurious palaces with servant staffs in the hundreds to powder their behinds… I just wanted to make sure you’re fully in the picture.

Meanwhile, “Democratic” representatives all voted no yesterday — with few exceptions not out of their inner goodness, mind you (“Democrats” have sold out to the plutocracy as much as Republicans for the last three decades!), but because the American Care Act, known commonly as “Obamacare,” is their baby which they like to take credit for, even as it originated on the Republican side as a gift to the healthcare profiteering industry. Twenty House Republicans also broke with their party to vote against Trumpcare 2.0, probably only because their re-election is uncertain.

Both Republicans and “Democrats” are corporatist crooks nowadays, with very few exceptions. It makes little difference whether we call them neo-cons or neo-liberals. They are simply neo-crooks.

What a fine nation we are! But, then, we are that nation only as long as we allow it to be this bereft of ethics, justice, liberty, equal opportunity, democracy… (you can continue the list)

The robber billionaires and their friends in the political class have shown their true colors. Now it is up to us to fight back. Let’s not forget, we far outnumber these goons, and all the evil decisions they make are put into effect by members of… us, yes us… people whose job it is to take our names off the insurance rolls, deny us benefits, or meet our demonstrations with clubs, attack dogs, bullets (for now still “only” made of rubber), concussion grenades, and water cannons.

So, let’s be clear: The fight for our healthcare is NOT just about the current Trumpcare 2.0 bill going to the senate.

We have a short fight and a long fight before us:

  1. The short fight: Call your Republican “representatives” (at least those not on this list) to express your outrage and promise you will never vote for them in the future and your senators (of both parties, to be safe) to warn them against passing this horrible bill which is wealthcare for the super-rich, not healthcare for working Americans. I recommend, you add that what you want from them is Medicare for All. You can quickly find your reps and senators by Zip Code here:
  2. The long fight: Since Congress has proven it won’t stop ransacking us even when their hostile bills get defeated in early rounds and public opposition is crystal clear, we need to organize for the long game. People’s Action, which has been most active in this fight, asks us to join the continued fight and agrees that just fighting for what little we currently have (the “Democrat’s” darling Obamacare) is not enough, that – in the long run – we must push for Medicare for All. Click here to PLEDGE PARTICIPATION IN THE CONTINUED FIGHT!

Let’s not just cry foul over Trumpcare 2.0, but also demand Medicare for All whenever we confront our politicians! Let’s redouble our resolve and fight for what’s right. And let’s keep in mind that our healthcare is only a part of this fight. We must get money out of politics, elect candidates who represent US, not the corporations, and maybe even crush and replace one of our twin party tyranny’s parties if that’s what it takes. I have begun to think that it probably does.

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