The Must-See Video of Your Life: Now You Will Know What’s Wrong in the U.S. and How to Fix It

Of all the politically relevant videos I have watched, this must be the best. If you don’t yet understand the root of all our problems, after this video you will, and you will have a powerful weapon in your arsenal to bring others into the light. This is the education of a lifetime. What better time than a bit of Sunday to invest one hour of your time to get the education of a lifetime?

In this video, Richard Wolff, whose information-packed eight minutes I shared with you yesterday, gives a clear and cogent critique of our awful current system and a clear cogent alternative. To summarize, currently, we leave the power of decision-making to a handful of self-serving people in the private sector who then throw us under the bus. The solution: make the economic system as democratic as we would like our political system to be. This will end the plutocracy and its constant gnawing on whatever democratic political institutions and justice-minded laws we erect.

What I have just described would be sufficient reason to mark this video as a must-see. But there is a lot more, too much to summarize briefly. You really are best off to watch the video (or listen to it) yourself:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Economist Richard Wolff speaks about capitalism, socialism & democracy, proposing a new way forward”)

If you don’t have the time to watch this hugely informative speech by seasoned economist Richard Wolff right now, then do spend a minute reading my below commentary:

In this recorded speech, Richard Wolff, who unlike so many of us, has been part of the old-boys-club of the upper class, who sat with them at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and in privileged board rooms, gives you the inside story of the 2008 world economic melt-down and a comprehensive run-down of what happened with the Great Depression, FDR, the horrid backlash from the robber billionaires, the many economic crashes since, and, and, and…

After this video, many of you, I suspect, will see our country in a very new light, as well as glimpse a light at the end of the tunnel which we must walk. For those who have been reading my articles, the main point of this speech may not have been entirely new. I have regularly been saying that our political trouble ultimately stems from the economic despotism Richard Wolff described so well in the present speech, and that our endgame in cleaning up our society’s mess must be to democratize our economy. If we want to win this one, and not just gain a respite for a generation or two, we must get to the root of the problem and pull it out.

The only part Richard Wolff, in this brilliant and passionate speech, kind of skips over, and which I have been constantly writing about, is the political cleanup we must also do in order to better implement the economic cures that are brewing in places like Spain, Italy, and Great Britain. While some of what he describes to fix our economy (like worker co-ops) can be done without government support, we could act far more quickly with much better chances of success if (A) our government would not actively obstruct us, and (B) it would actually help set things right. Minor changes in corporate law could make an enormous difference. For this, we must continue to fight for clean elections and candidates who actually represent us, not the handful of despicable sociopaths who currently rule, exploit, oppress, extort, and even murder us in America for their uselessly inflated over-the-top profits.

Well, just so that this political part of the fight doesn’t get overlooked, and to amplify Richard Wolff’s clear message – which exposes the root of all our economic and political problems as well as the endgame of economic reform which must be part of our 2nd American Revolution – there thankfully are more voices of the people, by the people, and for the people to spread the word, voices like the blog you are reading right now, voices struggling to research, analyze, and write or video-blog at the end of our tiring days, voices you can add to by becoming one yourself, by sharing our work, or by supporting us with small donations so we can better go up against the corporate mass media and their constant brainwashing.

If our political fight should fail, going out and spreading the word on what Richard Wolff so brilliantly summed up in a mere hour, is another way to work for a future worth living. Ultimately, true change happens first in the hearts and minds of the people, for it is us – the people – who make it happen.



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