Why Isn’t Trumpcare’s True Purpose Common Knowledge?

The first nine minutes in this RT episode nicely illuminate the entire point of Trumpcare (1.0 and 2.0) but also asks why this isn’t common knowledge:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “GOP Willing to Kill Americans For Tax Cuts To Rich Donors”)

Yes, as I wrote way back, the true purpose of Trumpcare is a tax gift to the idle rich, the parasitic donors of our treacherous politicians. So, why isn’t this common knowledge? (the fact that the AHCA is all about cutting taxes on the rich, specifically those rich who “earn” their income from sitting around their swimming pool all day waiting for their dividend checks to arrive, no matter that this heist requires bankrupting and killing countless Americans in the process)

The answer to this question, which unfortunately didn’t get answered, is the sad reality – for those who don’t know – that, after FDR rescued America’s capitalist economic system from an impending revolution by pacifying the American people in the Great Depression with the New Deal, the plutocrats (the dividend collectors wallowing in their private swimming pools) went to work demonizing and dismantling the worker movement and spreading absurd corporatist propaganda to the effect that today many of us have been raised to believe the corporatist bullshit and gulp it down with pleasure as every new instance of it reinforces our manipulated understanding of the world (things like that human and civil rights, such as the right to live, are deplorable “entitlements” of “welfare queens,” while the unmerited entitlements of the rich are “rewards for job creators” and their wealth somehow trickles down to us, even though it doesn’t and came from us in the first place).

People love reinforcements of their views, whether they be right or wrong, because we love to be right. That’s simple human psychology. And it’s also the reason why those of us, who are not (or no longer) enthralled by the many decades of brainwashing, must spread the word on our political and economic reality, speak truth to power, debunk the false narratives, lift fellow Americans out of their stupor, and rebuild the human networks which the plutocrats destroyed the better to control us through their corporate-owned mass media (MSM). It’s why we need to share videos and articles like this one on alternative media, discuss them with our friends and family, grow ever more awake, and – if we can afford a small donation here or there – support us unpaid activist journalists who do the heavy lifting every day but don’t get paid for it by the MSM which rather stuff $30,000 into the BS-spewing mouth of the likes of Rachel Maddow every day.

And, friend, if you wanted more answers from this article, say about what the root of our trouble is and how to fix it, or how and why people are so mislead, or what the next upcoming step in our fight for decent living in America is, then read more of this blog. You can look at recent posts, search the archives for key words, and sign up for email notification of new posts. You can also join the conversation here by commenting or submitting articles of your own which you think will fit in. I sacrifice my sleep-time and weekends for us, all of us. You can help, too — and many thanks if you do. 🙂

One thought on “Why Isn’t Trumpcare’s True Purpose Common Knowledge?

  1. One more reason we need to press the moral imperative–human beings have the RIGHT to health care. It is not a privilege or a “perk” only for those wealthy enough to afford the insurance premiums. Taking away health care is taking away human rights. Trumpcare 1 & 2 are both attempts at genocide of the poor, elderly and disabled, particularly those of color. If we stood up to the Nazis for their genocide attempts, then we can stand up against Trumpcare. (Yeah, I realize Americans–particularly rich, white Americans–have committed their own genocides in the past against Native Americans, African-Americans and others. But I hope deep down the majority of ordinary Americans are against genocide.)


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