Lawsuit Against a Vile Corporation which Killed Our Democracy

Two private corporations, whose operatives are not elected by us, control our federal, state, and local elections. They cheat us. They prevent us from having a democracy! And now, that one of them is hit with a lawsuit for its cheating, the corporate media (who take part in the cheating) don’t even tell us about it. Soon they may, but they will belittle it or defend the undermining of democracy (or our democratic republic, if you want to split hairs) that our founders risked their lives for and that we have always been told we had.

And, look, this isn’t some trivial affair! We need democracy to make the changes we badly need. I am talking about changes to the utterly unfair wealth and income inequality which heaps wealth on people who don’t work a day in their lives, while it keeps others struggling all their lives and even lets them die for no other reason than that they have been robbed of too many pieces of green paper by the former group of parasites. All because green paper decides who gets healthcare and who doesn’t, even as our country has enough resources to provide healthcare for all.

You, who – like me – are part of the people, please don’t ignore this! And if this lawsuit fails (because corruption is the new business model in out society) please commit yourself to be the next person who provides evidence or brings a lawsuit when the next election rigging occurs right under your nose.

Two private corporations control and warp our elections at the behest of their super-rich masters, so that we – the people – never get a true say in our country’s affairs. They are known as the Republican and “Democratic” Party. To wit: their operatives are not elected by us, but nevertheless manipulate our elections so we only get candidates who never represent us in anything but their lying words. The latter of the two corporations went so far, cheating-wise, last year, that it has been slammed with a lawsuit over it. Finally! No matter what the chances of this lawsuit, this is not a small thing!

Sure, the DNC can have and break all the “internal processes” and bylaws they want, as their lawyers so smugly aver, but when a corporation lies to all Americans in order to get our money, it’s false advertising. It’s FRAUD. That is illegal. That’s what this lawsuit is based on. This class action lawsuit actually defines three groups of victims: (1) Bernie Sanders supporters who donated to their candidate in publicly financed primaries while the DNC behind the scenes rigged those primaries so he couldn’t come out the winner even if he did win the majority of voters over to his side; (2) people who donated to the “Democratic” Party believing it to be democratic; and (3) all the members of the Democratic Party who poured their blood, sweat, and money into this party while the top-level operatives were subverting their party and the democracy it is supposed to support.

The election theft itself (plenty of evidence, friends!) would be stuff for a criminal lawsuit. Sadly, criminal lawsuits are harder to bring and win because you must track down individual culprits and obtain solid evidence. Very hard to do in a deeply corrupted system where many participants obstruct both democracy AND investigations. A civil class action suit is easier to bring, since you merely need to prove the deceit practiced by the whole system (or a major organization like the DNC), not the individual crimes of people who shredded all incriminating evidence long ago or are shielded by their brothers in crime (some of them judges, say those who block access to voting machines so we could have their easily rigged vote counting algorithms checked).

That’s why this civil suit was brought. Not because of some money making opportunism. Shame on any oligarchy defender in the media who tries to spread this false rumor. It’s a real shame that this should have happened on TYT. It’ll be sure to be done on the real corporate media before long, but that’s no excuse for certain folks on TYT doing it. It’s a sign that TYT is slipping into the corporate media swamp. Rather than for one of them to dump on alternative media folks when they called this out, TYT folks should quickly remember who their supporting audience is and what vital niche they fill.

It’s clear that the DNC (and many state operatives in the “Democratic” Party) cheated us out of the candidate that the majority of American voters wanted and who surely would have beaten Donald Trump (the alleged bogeyman of the “Democratic” Party about which its operatives now whine so much).

It’s hard enough for a popular candidate, who may actually do things for working people, to get to run for office in our system where expensive campaigns go to those who receive funding from the robber billionaires and their corporations and super PACs. It’s something we must urgently change. But when a candidate manages to overcome this hurdle by millions of us somehow learning of his existence and donating what small amounts we can afford, and a party leadership then bars millions of us from voting and miscounts the rest of the votes in favor for their corrupt godmother, then what chance have we – the people – left to EVER getting the candidate we want to see in office?

In total we have three main killers of democracy in our country:

  1. An economic system which works as an injustice machine concentrating wealth in the hands of a few.
  2. A political system (and mass media) that’s controlled by the wealthy few and makes sure that valid candidates never (or only rarely) make it on our ballots and will stay unknown to voters even if they do.
  3. Election rigging (gerrymandering, voter suppression, provisional and mail-in ballots, voting machines, and non-public vote counting…) as a last resort to block people’s candidates.

We must overcome all three democracy killers if we are to take back our country and heal our ravaged lives. The first we can try (at least in part) through non-political means — by creating, supporting, and expanding worker co-ops as a much healthier alternative to corporations. The video I recently shared talks about that. The other two are political and legal fights. We will have to fight many battles to succeed, so any that comes along should be most welcome and supported by us any way we can.

I will close with links to salient videos on the current lawsuit:

First, Tim Black makes a good argument why the DNC lawsuit is very important for our democracy. He also goes into the slander he and others were subjected to when they called out TYT members for discounting and slandering the lawsuit (see above). I prefer that those of us who make up the alternative media (and quasi-alternative media, hint, hint…) don’t waste our time arguing with one another. The enemy is the plutocracy, the oligarchy, the democracy killers — the people who wallow in swimming pools and on golf courses and their private tropical islands all day, living it up on dividend checks, while we build their palaces and private yachts and private jets and country clubs and access-restricted golf courses — and the corrupt politicians and media personalities they pay off so handsomely (like $30,000 a day for Rachel Maddow to spew her BS!).

Still, I feel Tim Black’s frustration when people who are more-or-less alternative media participants and privileged in the sense that they have recording studios and contributing staff – and who even get paid for their journalistic work while most of us don’t(!) – dump on us little guys who usually tell the more accurate truth.

By the way, it’s kind of a joke, but I did join the Patreon crowd last week, knowing full well that with my way too small reach I probably shouldn’t bother. It could be years before I ever see a single dollar from that, if ever. But if you wish to help change the dynamic where truth tellers and visionaries are seen and heard by almost nobody since we don’t get corporate money to finance our work and thus remain too unknown for crowd funding to successfully finance our work, then you have the opportunity now. We might then both get a laugh out of having confirmed the catch-22 trap with an exception. That’s the structure of this joke.

Anyway, back to the topic of this article. Here is Tim Black’s passionate video:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: DNC FRAUD LAWSUIT IS HUGE and TYT Burned Their Brand Discounting It)

I picked this video for you because it has the required passion. We need to be passionate about our democracy if we are to attain it. Also, the issue of marginalized truth-telling media also merits coverage.

Now, Jordan Chariton, the very TYT member who dumped on Tim Black and others (for reasons known only to himself and sadly hurting his own credibility by doing this) has done good reporting in the past, and – having the financial means to do so – interviewed lawyers of the class action suit in question. It made for an interesting several videos. Here is one of them:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “DNC Lawsuit: Digging Into Plaintiffs’ Legal Argument”)

In conclusion: We have no democracy when our elections are rigged. If you are too busy to follow important events, then paying occasional attention to people like Tim Black (or little me?) can cure your ignorance. Tim is right, no-one on a big media outlet which once was and in part still is a member of the alternative (non-corporate) media, should belittle this law suit which could set a precedent for election accountability. We should all hail this lawsuit and use it as much as possible to move towards greater election integrity.



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5 thoughts on “Lawsuit Against a Vile Corporation which Killed Our Democracy

  1. I didn’t hear about TYT dissing on the DNC fraud lawsuit. How can TYT not report about it in a good way? I thought they were independent, alternative media. We deserve to get our donations to Bernie back since the DNC cheated us of a fair primary and broke their own rules. I didn’t realize TYT was kissing the DNC’s backside that much. Sickening. The Draft Bernie for a People’s Party groups sounds better and better everyday. The establishment will NEVER reform. Bernie should Go Green and #DemExit.


  2. It’s not the entire TYT network that did the dissing, or so I think… I don’t have time to hunt down and watch all their productions, obviously. TYT sports a range of people. Very few are all-the-way champions for the people. In my view, only Jimmy Dore is; and he is more of an affiliate than a real member… who knows for how long. Cenk sometimes makes good points and gets them across nicely (as does that woman who usually shares his panel); but he did that “I’ll hold my nose and vote for Hillary” thing after Bernie was rolled in the ditch; and since he became part of the Justice Democrats, I feel he is slipping further and further into the Neoliberal Party, you know, the “Democratic” Party. I think, he has had too much of a privileged life and career to ever be a true people’s man. Jordan Chariton is more of a split character who may shown this weekend that, after a fairly good run, he is slowly being pulled to the dark side. I have no good experience with his Truth against the Machine site, so far, either. It seems to be more about its (and his) commercial success than anything else.

    Sane Progressive, who has been into politics for some 28 years or so, made a scary comment the other day (in connection with this weekend brawl, I think) to the effect that people’s activists tend to go to the dark side once they start making noticeably money, and that most who stay true to the good fight disappear or are taken down sooner or later.



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