Quickypinion: Election Fraud Gave us Trump Because it Put Hillary on the Ballot!

I think, today I’ll take a day off from writing for this blog or spending hours screening videos to share the best ones on here. After all, I should be spending more time looking for my next job, trying to make it a better one than the usual crap, and improving my credentials as an applicant.

After all, how many people do I reach with my hours upon hours of daily work trying to spread some accurate truths and valuable ideas? It sure doesn’t show in subscription numbers or donations intended to get more of our voices into the public discourse. I once heard that something I had found out had supposedly made it on TV or radio, but – as far as I know – no credit was ever given.

Anyway, before I take the day off, I wanted to share a phrase that formed in my head today and may become a headline on here in the future: Election Fraud Gave us Trump Because it Put Hillary on the Ballot!

That’s because the “Democratic” primaries were indeed stolen by the Clintonites (evidence is overwhelming), and with the only valid candidate gone from the November ballots’ major party listings – and with most Americans still adhering to the false notion that voting independent or third party is the same as throwing away one’s vote (they just don’t understand how democracy works anymore) – we only had two evils left to roll the dice on. What a joy, that false choice, wasn’t it?

Please don’t fall for all the attempts of the establishment to obfuscate what really happened with fibs like it was Russian meddling, third parties, WikiLeaks, misogynists, or whatever. If you fall for any of these, you are allowing yourself to be played and prove that you are unaware of how our political system really works (AGAINST US).

Anyway, this is why the current DNC lawsuit is so important, and all of us should support this effort and any other efforts to bring integrity to our elections.

Nuff said. I’m out.

2 thoughts on “Quickypinion: Election Fraud Gave us Trump Because it Put Hillary on the Ballot!

  1. This article was credited by Independent Voter Network/News. Thought you might like to know. I would have never seen this site if not for them.


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