Tales of How Badly Our Systemic Corruption Hurts Countless Americans

I keep writing about the systemic corruption in our politics and economics, trying to open people’s eyes on the sources and extent of our troubles and what we can do to repair it all. Yesterday’s article was a deeply personal account. But there are sad stories of so many people these days. Represent.Us, which bravely fights for anti-corruption laws, has created a website I want to share with you, a site where “ordinary,” “regular” (do you like any of those words?) Americans – in other words, those of us who were not born rich and empowered to lord it over the rest of us by dint of their privileged birth (or, in rare cases, by having walked over corpses to get rich and feel themselves entitled to ravage our lives), share their stories.

You can read many stories there and share your own story if you wish. It makes for a great account of how things are going nowadays in our United States of a once proud America. Here is the link:

We Demand Better – Stories of Corruption in America

Note: If you haven’t been following this blog and want a quick catch-up on why things are so bad for many of us, this short article and 8-minute video could be a good place to start.

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