Great Lee Camp Interview of the Author of “Creating Freedom”

There is a new book out which does a good job explaining our horrendous income and wealth inequality and their impact on our freedom. Lee Camp interviewed the author. It’s a really good interview:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “[59] Raoul Martinez On Why Our Society Is Constructed Completely Wrong”)

I’ll summarize:  

The current false narrative is that we get what we deserve. But our economy is an injustice machine. Most of us have to generate income through work, but the big incomes are generated from ownership, usually ownership transferred through inheritance across generations. It comes down to a piece of paper saying you own that bit of land, that bit of technology, that corporation. And, if you do, you are set. You have the life of a billionaire. And your wealth, without you having to do anything, will grow over time.

When someone like Milton Friedman conflates our economic system with freedom of choice, a web of mutually beneficial voluntary transactions, it’s simply not true. If you’re robbed at gunpoint, you hand over what you have involuntarily. In our economy, poverty, human need, desperation (hence a need for money) act like a gun to your head.

There is hardly an inch on the planet or a tree branch that some paper doesn’t say is owned by someone (someone who isn’t you).

The “right” of the rich to reap profits takes precedence over the right of the poor to live. Example the bailing out of the banksters in the mortgage crisis.

Also, our education system doesn’t develop critical thinking or an understanding of the dynamics of power in our society. Instead, it makes our young people slot right into their cogwheel positions in that injustice machine, that Ponzi scheme which is our society. Thus it is perpetuated, a system that concentrates wealth in the hands of those who already have it. There are two ways of creating income. Most of us have to work for it, but most income and wealth are created from pre-existing wealth. It is all very unfair and inherently undemocratic. Wealthy people get to pay off our politicians and finance and spread false narratives, while our children can hardly learn democracy when they are raised in schools which essentially are dictatorships and train them to be obedient and unquestioning.

To break our chains, we need to instill democracy everywhere: government, the business sector where the inequality and corruption is rooted, and our educational system.

In all this we must not overlook human nature: There is a broad scientific consensus that empathy is a key part of human nature; that at least 90% of us have a fully fledged capacity for empathizing with other human beings. The bad news is that empathy can be channeled to manipulate people, not to do good, but to march to the tune of the rulers (the 10% without empathy), for example into war. Something to think about.

I’d say, that in order to make change, we need greater understanding of human and society’s (incl. our politics’ and economics’) nature and a revolution in our thinking. That’s why independent voices like myself and others try to spread truth and understanding against the drowning out of the corporate media. The rest of us have the task to seek us out, spread the word, participate in the discussion (for instance, you can comment below or send me your own articles for publication consideration via contacting me). And, I’d say, we need to start crowd-funding our voices to get more of them, keep them around longer, and increase their reach. To learn more about how you can help, see my How-You-can-HELP section.

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