Join the People’s Party

Jamarl Thomas, a smart guy engaged in video blogging, has issued a challenge to political leaders who seek true progress to meet and talk about a platform for a people’s party and then push it through. His challenge to meet on August the 5th goes to: Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, Debbie the “Sane Progressive”, “Hard Bastard”, Tim Black, and others. (I’d suggest to include Richard Wolff, Raoul Martinez, or – if they decline – little humble me 😉 so as not to overlook the vital but often overlooked economic root of our troubles.) Here is Jamarl’s video:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Nina T, Tulsi G, Bernie, Debbie, Hard B, Tim B; Meeting on Aug 5 For People’s Party”)

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get those folks to meet and pound out a political platform for us, the people — a platform to which we could hold all our politicians? Heck, from the side of this blog, we erected a Facebook Page months ago for the public creation of such a platform (The People’s Platform (USA)). Unfortunately, not much has been added to my original draft on there.

Now, Jamarl (like me) sadly isn’t high enough on the public outreach scale to succeed in getting these high caliber folks to gather like that, at least I doubt he is. But, somewhere, and sometime soon, a meeting like this should occur, maybe even as a teleconference. And then, as Jamarl suggests, a permanent organization should continue to fan the flames of a people’s movement reunified by this broadly appealing platform as opposed to divided into uncoordinated splinter groups who lack the big picture vision.

As I have stated on previous occasions, I don’t think that multiple groups and strategies are necessarily bad, unless – of course – the people in them lack the big picture vision. My unpaid writing and notification efforts are precisely aimed at spreading that vision. (unpaid, I said, unless you pay me — like Bernie, I am getting no corporate money; nor is Jamarl — he’d appreciate you help, too)

Jamarl also proposed an intriguing idea: to bring an anti-trust lawsuit to the Republican and “Democratic” Parties (both of them being corporations and thus subject to anti-trust laws) for monopolizing the political process. 🙂 To wit, such lawsuits have been considered or even brought before[1][2], but either been lost(?) or stymied. It might be time to try again. At least, that would for sure be interesting!

I should probably not finish this piece without mentioning again Draft Bernie’s effort to create a People’s Party. Here is a comprehensive article replete with further links. Considering how the current attempts to reform the “Democratic” Party don’t seem to be getting very far, creating a new party, or at least a powerful movement, may indeed be our only way out of our country’s mess. A movement can go beyond party lines and use a joint vision as a beacon in every struggle inside and outside of any political parties. An organization which fans the flames doesn’t need to be a party. I suggested something along these lines last year. These are ways for us, the people, to take over.

Before I close, let me shout out the appeal, even before we have agreed on a broadly appealing platform: let’s join the People’s Party, or the People’s Movement, at least in spirit for now! If we join it, it may come. 🙂

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