Truthout Needs Our Help – And So Do Other Independent Media

Truthout is an important source of information in a media landscape that is mostly corporate and therefore (by necessity) lying. Their fund drive is taking overlong. Perhaps too many of us have been funding political campaigns too much to fund our independent media, forgetting that without independent media we wouldn’t even know of viable anti-establishment candidates or what the establishment is doing to us. Here is a salient quote from Truthout’s latest donations request:  

Too many publications are in the business of comforting the comfortable – reassuring the privileged that it’s okay to live in a society based on huge inequalities in wealth, a doctrine of military intervention and the promotion of unfettered consumerism.

Truthout provides a necessary counterpoint to that media. Together with our readers, we are building a place for those who seek vital, liberating information and insight.

Well said. And I would add that all of us independent voices provide the necessary counterpoint; and to be able to continue, we need financial help, because all of us who work hard to bring you the real news and insights – and hammer out ideas for fighting back and making our country into the kind of country we want – all of us also have living expenses like everybody else, and sometimes additional publication expenses, too. So, I urge everybody: let’s not only fund political candidates but our independent voices, too. Too many of those voices grow quiet after a while and disappear because we grow tired of reaching far too few people and of being marginalized and financially starved to death. I myself followed a fellow writer’s lead a few weeks ago and opened a Patreon account, so that people wishing to do so could donate to me. It hasn’t happened, yet. It’s no surprise. I don’t reach as much people as I would if I didn’t have to work in bread-and-butter jobs all the time. It’s the famous Catch-22, and it serves the corporate media and their billionaire taskmasters.

Thankfully, Truthout and CounterPunch are publications which have managed to cling on for many years. It would be a great tragedy if they got starved out of existence in this of all times.

Here is the link to Truthout’s donations page with various ways of donating. Please see if you can spare a little, and please go forward considering to support other independent voices, too — like your favorite ones or particularly underfunded ones.

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