Ultimate Analysis of the DNC Lawsuit against the DNC’s Election Cheating

In the corporate mass media, we get manipulation of our minds like when they sow lots of doubt about known facts. For example, when after a long media black-out Newsweek finally wrote about the DNC lawsuit, it kept painting the facts of the rigged 2016 primaries as mere “beliefs.” It’s like writing some people believe it’s snowing. All you have to do is look out of the window and see for yourself. It’s not a belief whether it’s snowing or not.  

To wit, the only ones who don’t believe the 2016 rigging of the “Democratic” primaries are those who refuse to look at the facts because their desire to delude themselves and others doesn’t allow them to. So, when you meet someone who denies the theft of the 2016 primaries for Hillary Clinton, you know you are dealing with a reality denier.

In a recent video, Jamarl Thomas gave an excellent analysis of what this lawsuit is about, covering everything important: a bunch of the facts of election rigging and how blatant it was; the need for this lawsuit; and the fallacy of “Democratic” Party operatives who expect that the very voters who see through our political corruption, who demand change, and who were burned and cheated by the “Democratic” Party leadership and its on-the-ground operatives (dishonest election boards and such), must and will support the “Democratic” Party and refill its dwindling ranks.

He furthermore brilliantly explains why the Republican Party and Trump aren’t our biggest problem: they are just doing their well-known job of aiding the rich, but they would never win elections if we had a party and candidates who presented a true alternative. So, the ones who are standing in the American People’s way aren’t so much the known devils in the GOP, but the “Democrats” who keep a true alternative from us, the alternative which – up to the 1980’s – the “Democratic” Party used to represent when it was largely a people’s party. But now it only pretends to. And how ludicrous its lawyers’ defense of its cheating is! In essence, they have said: “We didn’t cheat (despite all the facts which clearly prove otherwise), but we are allowed to cheat anyway. Cheating is political free speech.” — Yeah, even when you take people’s donations and use tax-funded election funds while your chairwoman and other party luminaries keep swearing up and down to the public that your primaries are honest!?! You claim you have the right to cheat in our elections? My foot!

Jamarl’s analysis is so spot on, I might as well type it up as an article of my own, since I doubt anyone could write a better one. Of course, that would be plagiarism, and it’s less work for me if you simply watch (or listen to) the video yourself. After all, Jamarl Thomas and I, and other independent voices like us, don’t get paid corporate money; so our time is extra precious. I think Jamarl is one of the few lucky ones to get crowd-funding from some of us awakened citizens out there (though not enough), unlike me who have yet to get a first patron on Patreon.com where I recently placed a donations page so as to give people the opportunity to support me in my work if they would like to do so. I just mention this because we independent voices are vital for the people of America to learn the facts and hear and spread the ideas with which we can fix the utter mess we are in and which keeps getting worse every day. We need more voices, not constantly disappearing ones as one after another tires of working our butt off for free and reaching far too few people, marginalized as we are.

Those among us, who have awoken to the fact that we need to crowd-fund politicians who don’t take corporate money, should also wake up to the reality that we need to crowd-fund media voices who don’t take corporate money, lest the majority of folks are left to the belief that a newspaper decides whether or not it is snowing and that all is well with our political parties, as in: Keep voting for the same hucksters and hope for change.

Now here is Jamarl’s amazingly good speech; enjoy:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Newsweek’s Aggravating Coverage of DNC Fraud Lawsuit. Neutral in the Face of Reality is Ridiculous”)

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