Smears Turning Everything Upside Down – Exposure by Jimmy Dore

I have skin in the game. I get smeared like this, too. When I post an article which challenges a publicly disseminated lie, I am often accused of uttering this lie by one bunch of commenters while others defend the lie calling me a liar without bothering to address the facts or arguments I presented to disprove the lie. When I plead for people to put away their differences and unite behind the issues which concern us all, I am often accused of dividing the people. It’s like accusing fire fighters for the fires because they are seen around them. It’s how people with big megaphones in the corporate media and paid trolls in social media marginalize truth tellers with blatantly false accusations and smears. Truth no longer matters. Only the size of the megaphone does.

People have been gullible for too long. It’s time we all start paying more attention to what’s hidden under all that megaphone noise and media veneer.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Share Blue Journos Blatantly Lie To Smear Truth Telling Journalist”)

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