The People’s Summit

Have you heard of The People’s Summit? It’s a pretty new thing with much work still to do, and it apparently was started by America’s nurses. Bless their formidable hearts, working all their working days in a healthcare system warped by profit-making greed, fighting each day for us in such a warped system when we are sick! And, then, when the corporate-funded, corrupt DNC installed their godmother Hillary over a heretofore little-known man whose win of the primaries they obfuscated with massive electoral fraud and theft, these nurses organized the first ever People’s Summit to give us all a means by which to try and continue the Bernie campaign’s momentum, keep from falling apart into a gazillion of splinter groups withering away in isolation from each other, and enter the long game of changing our country, and perhaps even the world, to what they both should be. 

While other things were happening in our country and the world over the course of last week, some in clear view, some notlike the British Snap Election filled with establishment machinations and electoral cheating but still breaking the corporatist “Conservative Party’s” hope for a solitary strangle hold and regrowing and possibly reforming the formerly neoliberal (hence also corporatist) Labour Party with their own kind of Bernie Sanders (Jeremy Corbyn) at the helm; continued scandals in the uncovering of Latin America’s huge crony-capitalist bribery scandal, a hideous new budget for the rich at the expense of the rest of us, and our Senate’s secret moving towards approving Trumpcare 2.0’s murderous scheme to kill thousands of Americans for the profits of private insurance company owners and (via the built-in tax breaks to the rich) all the other robber billionaires in our countrywhile all this was happening, our country’s second People’s Summit occurred June 9-11 in Chicago. Did you hear of it?

I have found it hard to find good information about it, so far. I heard rumors that it didn’t deliver as much as we could hope for. Much lack of unity still exists. A solid people’s platform (a.k.a. agenda) of broad appeal may not have been hammered out, yet. (Try help us doing so here!) More comprehensive reports may still be in the making. In the meantime, here are three good videos related to this event that I have been able to scrounge up, one from before the summit, one during, and the third a really good closing speech (well, speeches) from the year before, when the first People’s Summit convened.



The people’s takeover of the “Democratic” Party isn’t working. It’s moving further “right.” Think of corporatists like Tim Kane (vice-presidential candidate), Tom Perez (the new party chair), Cory Booker (the presumptive next presidential candidate who recently voted against Bernie’s affordable prescription drugs bill), Dianne Feinstein (smearing Medicare for All as a “government takeover of healthcare” sounding just like the Republican in “Democratic” clothing she is), that new California “Democratic” Party chair from Big Pharma, and all the rest of the party establishment taking more corporate money, and wooing billionaires to become their next nominees (4 states and counting). Think of corporate-money-peddling Chuck Schumer declaring the new “Democratic” Party’s strategy: drop the party’s traditional base of struggling Americans and woo Republican voters who are displeased with Trump…

Meanwhile, in the 2016 campaign, Bernie built what in essence is a huge new party and conquered for himself full visibility in the mass media which originally blacked him out — doing so with his people-friendly, billionaires-rejecting agenda which resonates with the majority of us. This new party just needs to be formalized and have him join it, just like Abraham Lincoln did, thereby crushing the slaver-friendly Whig Party and birthing the (back then) anti-slavery Republican Party. (Of, course, today the GOP is pro-slavery again in the form of wage and tax slavery; and so is the “Democratic” Party since it’s neoliberal takeover.) (13 min):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “DraftBernie To Stage Progressive Intervention At Peoples’ Summit -Nick Brana”)

As Jimmy Dore said, the corporate media and social media trolls are paid to keep us trapped in the treacherous party duopoly, and all but 8% of the “Democratic” Party is on board with Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately, that eight percent, which we may call the hate percent, don’t let the others get a voice in the “Democratic” Party, which is why it is time to let go of that corrupted party and start a new one.

To wit: Bernie was the focal point of all “progressives” (people who want to move forward to a good country, not stay in our current cesspool or return to former cesspools marked by huge wealth and income inequality, our votes not counting, healthcare possible but denied… slavery in various forms…). Millions of us discovered that we are not alone, that there is millions upon millions of us, and especially the young of America. Such grounds for hope! Now is the time to transform this awakening into a political force. Bernie can greatly help, if he chooses to, by acting once again as the guiding beacon to pull us together in that new political force, a new party since his fervent attempt to reform the DP from within isn’t working as continuing events make ever more clear.



Great points made by Jimmy Dore as he was interviewed by Jamarl Thomas:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Jimmy Dore Interview at the People’s Summit!!!”)

Maybe you noticed that the interview was apparently cut short because — as an independent citizen journalist — he cannot bring a paid camera man? This is why I keep harping on the need for us to cut our ties to and funding of the lying corporate media and instead fund our citizen journalists. Jamarl, (since March) just as this here site (since April), has a Patreon account for this purpose. If you can, cancel your cable TV and instead fund him, me, and others who bring you the real news and the real contexts in which the news must be understood so we can bring about change.


After the last summit (the first summit):

Great closing speech at the first People’s Summit last year:

The main video from 2016 also has many good moments, if you have the time to listen to a whole 1 hour and 30 minutes:

If you happen to know of great reports, analyses, or video coverage from this year’s People’s Summit, or can write a great report yourself having been there, please let me know. This site was always intended for participation by more than a single blogger.

Update: I just learned from a trusted troubleshooting source that some neoliberal shills were included as speakers on this summit and, in parallel, edified in the mass media. So, be warned: a neoliberal hostile take-over is already being attempted. We must ward against all such co-opting!

Update 2: From a far left observer comes the claim that the People’s Summit is (and has been from the get-go) astroturfed by the neoliberal leadership, aiming to contain, tame, and channel those of us who wish to end systemic inequality into a mild, subservient branch of the “Democratic” Party. So, caution and push-back are advised.

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3 thoughts on “The People’s Summit

  1. Go to Uphill Media on You Tube–they broadcast all the speeches and panels in the mornings of The People’s Summit and they also had some interviews courtesy of Reader Supporter News reporter Scott Galindez (I think those are posted at Political Revolution TV on You Tube). Also, Nina Turner’s new talk show premiered this week with an interview of Bernie Sanders on The Real Network (also on You Tube).


    1. I am less interested in the officially sanctioned and posted panel discussions or speeches, although — if I had the time — I’d scour through them. So, thanks for the info. Maybe some readers will have the time to check them out. Personally, I admit, I am more interested in on-site reports from trusty folks like Jimmy Dore, Jamarl Thomas, Tim Black, or any “no-name” folks who were present and could take the political temperature, so to speak. You know, grassroots reporting… 😉


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