We Americans Don’t Fight Alone – Don’t Wake Up Alone

People are waking up in other countries, as well:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “This 52 Yr. Old First Time Voter Supporting Jeremy Corbyn!”)

Naturally, the fight won’t finish overnight. So, Jeremy Corbyn didn’t become Prime Minister this round any more than Bernie Sanders became president last year. Still, I find it heartening that people everywhere are beginning to wake up and stand up against their corrupt system. It will take more time to wake up those who are still slumbering with their heads in the sand believing the B.S. the manipulators at the top are raining on us.

It is telling when the tears come and the voice chokes at the moment we wake up (as in the linked video above). All the pain accumulated throughout life in our warped, twisted, rigged societal system finally break out, and the passion and hope for a fair, sustainable, and equitable world — so long repressed because we felt there was no chance that the good of our inner values could ever trounce the iron grip of money and greed in high places.

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2 thoughts on “We Americans Don’t Fight Alone – Don’t Wake Up Alone

  1. I love this voter’s passion! Many of us Berners felt similarly last year. Think of the possibilities if our candidates had been given a fair chance by the corporate shills who did nothing but rig primaries and sling mud at them. What a beautiful world it would be!


    1. Yeah. What a beautiful world we could have without evil and dumb people obstructing it…

      The election in the UK apparently didn’t go without “irregularities.” I don’t know how severe they were. Corbyn’s knee-capping Theresa May’s underhanded scheming for an absolute party majority in parliament was a victory of sorts; but if the true victory of him becoming prime minister was prevented by election theft or by too much lingering stupidity among voters, I can’t tell. You know, the big old question of whether so many people really vote against their own interests because they are so befuddled by the establishment’s propaganda, or if that propaganda largely just serves to obfuscate massive election rigging by making the reported outcomes seem believable…


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