Interesting Jane Sanders Interview at the People’s Summit

I admit to mixed feelings abut this: some worries and some happy surprises. Worries: it sounds in some parts like a retreat into divisive identity politics (caring about certain groups/communities and forgetting about the big picture, you know what (neo-)liberals have been doing for a long time), credentialism (Ph.D.’s trumping reguar folks), and also like maybe dumping the fighting spirit (Sanders Institute only getting facts, not working on the emotional component that wins elections?). Happy surprises: Finally addressing election rigging somewhat and possibly pushing back against neoliberalism, not just Trump. Also, it’s good to get an introduction to the just launched Sanders Institute, and hearing it may help building information sources alternative to the corporate media. It’s also good to hear some stats about the People’s Summit: 4000 attendees from 49 states, 54% people of color.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Jane Sanders Discusses The Sanders Institute With Nomiki Konst”)

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One thought on “Interesting Jane Sanders Interview at the People’s Summit

  1. I like the idea of open primaries as Jane describes them. We have open primaries, but after you “request” a ballot, they sign you up as a member of that party until you tell them to take your name off their mailing list. I’d rather remain an independent and vote in whatever party’s primary I feel like at the time.


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