Catching up on the News and Activism 6/20/2017: Trumpcare, Medicare for All, Gerrymandering, Jail Injustice…

Trumpcare 2.0 – They are trying to sneak it quietly through the Senate

From Reuters and other sources emerges: “Democratic” Senators criticize the closed-door meetings that Republicans have been holding to craft a replacement for Obamacare (as you know, even worse than Obamacare). They are calling for open committee hearings and more time to consider the bill before a Senate vote, which Republicans say could come in the next two weeks, although a draft bill has yet to emerge publicly. 

A petition by the PCC: SIGN THE PETITION: Demand Senate Republicans hold “Trumpcare” hearings

People’s Action is collecting donations to fight against this sneaky approach to murdering thousands of Americans and leaving millions stranded without health coverage in order to give huge tax breaks to the already super-rich.

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare is also raising the alarm: “I’ll get straight to the point. You need to know that our congressional leaders in Washington are no longer plotting against Social Security and Medicare “underneath the radar.” They are now openly advocating for dramatically altering our cherished Social Security and Medicare programs:” — and gathering donations for its war chest. See here: GIVE NOW to Stop the War on Earned Benefits!


Preliminary Single-Payer Victory in California

A first step toward the adoption of a Medicare for All type universal health care system (in California). Read more here.

Might SCOTUS Finally Take on Gerrymandering?

Quote from the NYT article: “The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would consider whether partisan gerrymandering violates the Constitution, potentially setting the stage for a ruling that could for the first time impose limits on a practice that has helped define American politics since the early days of the Republic… While the Supreme Court has struck down voting districts as racial gerrymanders, it has never disallowed a legislative map because of partisan gerrymandering.”


Unrealistic Bonds Keep Innocent-Until-Proven-Guilty Folks in Jail for Months and Years!

Quotes from a TruthOut article: “Ninety-five percent of the people locked up in Cook County Jail have not been convicted of a crime. They are incarcerated pretrial — and 62 percent of them are there only because they cannot afford to pay a monetary bond. … bond court hearings last a mere 37 seconds on average … 99 percent of the increased local jail population in the last 15 years is the result of pretrial incarceration …

My name is Lavette Mayes, and I spent 14 months in Cook County Jail, from March of 2015 to May of 2016. My bond was $250,000, requiring $25,000 to walk. I didn’t have a criminal record: This was my first time being arrested. Before this, I was just a person that was happy to be alive. I have two kids, a son that’s seven and a daughter that’s 16. Until I was arrested, we had lived together for their entire lives. They never had to deal with me going anywhere before this.”


Three Interesting-Sounding TruthOut articles I haven’t yet had the time to read:

  1. We Are Not Broke: Trashing the Austerity Lies
  2. Organizations Representing Corporations Pass Regressive Legislation in the Shadows
  3. Ten Years Ago, Connecticut Got Big Money Out of Its Elections. Now Democrats Are Gutting the Program

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